Oklahoma Back to the 2nd?

The Oklahoma Senate passed a bill Wednesday night that would allow anyone over 21-years-old without a felony conviction to carry a handgun without a license.

Senate Bill 1212 is one step closer to becoming law as it moves to Governor Fallin’s desk for her signature.

11 Nations.

The Republic needs to get with the program.

Good move, I hope it passes.

Already did. Waiting on a signature. You don’t think she wouldn’t si… naw!

The fun part is going to be the wailing and hand ringing over how OK will immediately devolve into “The Wild West”.

She’ll sign it.

The woman on the issues.

Gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right. (Nov 2010)

Right to bear arms is in Constitution for a good reason. (Nov 2006)

National cross-state standard for concealed carry. (Jan 2009)

Ban gun registration & trigger lock law in Washington DC. (Mar 2007)

Allow reloading spent military small arms ammunition. (Apr 2009)

Timothy McVeigh’s original arrest and detention was on a gun charge… This bill would have allowed him to leave the state without arrest…


Well ■■■■. Forget it then.

I can’t post it because facebook sucks, but I like this bill some. OK law enforcement doesn’t.
Let’s see if this works:

"Without reasonable, articulable suspicion (should say probable cause) of criminal activity law enforcement cannot disarm or restrain anyone with a weapon, including asking individuals carrying firearms whether or not they are lawfully allowed to do so.

Boo ■■■■■■■ hoo. If you don’t have probable cause that I committed a crime don’t open your eyes at me.

This is a good bill. I want one. And we almost had the same thing in '17. LEO lobby spoiled it.

He was originally pulled over for an untagged vehicle and even with this law in place the same set of events would have taken place.

BS… There are very detailed court records of his arrest… This is not some fact you can BS your way out of… He was arrested on a concealed weapon charge…

Why was he stopped?

Are you implying that every unregistered vehicle in the state of Oklahoma results in an arrest? Oklahoma jails would be overflowing if that was the case…

I asked why he was stopped. I’m not much of an implier.

Then why don’t you quote for us why he was initially stopped and then searched.

She vetoed it.

I think they probably have the votes to override it and I certainly hope she was planning on retiring after this term because she’s done.

And what is the point? If he had not been arrested here, he would have never bombed the OKC federal building?

He was going to jail with or without the gun. Out of state, unregistered, untagged vehicle, no license, no insurance.

They just booked him on the highest charge.


10 char

No tags, no registration, no bill of sale, no insurance, yest he was going to jail with or without the gun.