Okies love Obamacare; implement Medicaid expansion

Or they could be penalized. This bill stops the ability for any restrictions to be put on universal healthcare in Oklahoma.

Penalized how? Fines? Jailed?

And it’s not a bill.

It’s an expansion of Medicaid via ACA.


No. I’m offended because statists want the state involved in private matters, and expect everyone else to pay for their healthcare.

Okies? Why the snide, belittling condescension?

There is a very nice poster on this board from Oklahoma.

And had it not been for the COVID 19 panic, more of those Oklahomans who voted for it may have still had their jobs and therefore voted no.

And no, I don’t necessarily think having health insurance is such a great thing if it’s difficult to find a provider who accepts it.


This whole thread is pot meet kettle crap.

■■■■ the Affordable Care Act. Original Post is snide & condescending & “Okies vote for OCare, so they know what’s good for ‘em.”

Irony of it is the poster is in a state where relatively few physicians even accept Medicaid because it’s a headache to file and reimburses significantly less than private insurance.

But then, that’s par for the course in the northeastern U S, pots meeting kettles. I feel like I’m in a big coffee lounge sometimes.

■■■■ single payer, too. Some of those advocating it claim to be so pro choice, but single payer would take away that choice unless individuals could opt out through private health insurers and providers Why Single-Payer Would Make Health Care Worse for Americans | The Heritage Foundation

■■■■ the COVID 19 Panic that has cost so many Oklahomans their jobs. This is just another in a long line of I hate people in more conservative states and see them beneath me threads.

I’m out.


Here is some more information.

Oklahoma has the Second-highest uninsured rate in the US, and 59% of the uninsured are in the Medicaid coverage gap

Number 2 will be lowered.

Which is tremendous.



According to this source, some who didn’t fit into Medicaid income limit at that time were able to purchase other policies via the exchange. Sorry for the outbursts, but Medicaid is more paperwork to file for one patient & less reimbursement.

IMO Helping employers to purchase plans for their employees and individuals to pick plans that work for them on the state exchange are better solutions.

But then, a majority of Oklahoman voters, probably due at least in part to Pandemic job losses, picked expansion of Medicaid. Best of luck to ‘em.

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I forgot Oklahoma existed. Must not be College football season yet.


Seeing as how the federal government shoulders 90% of the Medicaid expansion, personally I would have been fine if they had turned it down.

Who’s going to be signing up for the program? All those poor rural folks who don’t have insurance.


Welcome to the world of insurance and risk pooling. Private or public, it’s the same thing.


Yes because health insurance should be tied to employment, especially with the number of jobs being eliminated due to COVID-19. Makes perfect sense.

Health insurance tied to employment is one of the dumbest ideas of dumb ass ideas ever thought of.


It probably is related to that. Covid exposes how awful having your health insurance tied to your employment can be in times of crisis. What’s your point? It’s like saying “oh you only got chemo because you had cancer”. Yeah? So?

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Back in the day it was a good idea.

Now prolly not

Full disclosure: I have a Cadillac plan though my employer that cost 30k a year. ( I pay 7k share)



Did you bother to read the part of the post about helping INDIVIDUALS to buy plans of their own on the exchange that they wouldn’t lose if they lost their jobs because the plans aren’t connected to the job :roll_eyes:?

When the ACA was a more likely topic of the day, various posters would tell me employer sponsored health insurance wasn’t going away whether I liked that or I didn’t. I WAS arguing that employer sponsored insurance was a bad idea from the day it was a new idea.

Now it’s employer sponsored health insurance is a bad idea?! The COVID Panic that cost Americans their jobs was wrong.

An individual plan on the exchange has its drawbacks, but it isn’t going to force Medicaid onto practitioners who will have more paperwork to file for less reimbursement.

Helping them how exactly? If they’re unemployed, how are they paying for this wonderful insurance? Let me guess. Entitlements?

How is that going to help people that can’t even afford a decent used car?

Thoughts and prayers.

When you schedule a doctor appointment, one of the first questions they ask “what insurance do you have”? The answer is critical. It governs what happens next.