Okies love Obamacare; implement Medicaid expansion

Seems like okies know what is good for them.

Way to go Oklahoma!



“What’s good for them”?!

What a snide, belittling way of referring to residents of that part of the U S. Their voting for it couldn’t possibly be related to being forced out of their jobs in the COVID 19 Panic & having no other way to pay their medical bills, could it?:roll_eyes:

Far as its being “good for them”, here is a table of states and percentage of doctors who even accept Medicaid, with the lowest percentage practicing in New York and New Jersey:

So while it appears most physicians in Oklahoma accept it, there probably are some who don’t. And billing it is difficult, complete with less reimbursement than private insurance:

I’m sure those “Okie” doctors will be overjoyed to be receiving more patients with this entitlement. Maybe some day the state north of Texas will even be on a par with New York and New Jersey with percentage of physicians who accept new physicians with Medicaid!

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Without the individual penalty, obamacare is not a problem. Although they played games with the origination clause.

What is it then?

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What a terribly convenient change of heart to have on Obamacare and Medicaid expansion.

Is it a change of heart? Strange.

Yes. You didn’t suddenly become okay with Obamacare when they stopped applying the tax penalty three and a half years ago. From what I’ve seen from you this is the first time you’ve ever said this.

I’m not “ok” with it because of the aforementioned origination clause and Robert’s manipulation. The law is tainted.

I have been 100% consistent in the reasons for my objections throughout. My largest one was removed.

Your eyes must be deceiving you. Have you seen my posts on single payer?

So you’re saying you’re pro Medicaid expansion now.

Again, you are confused. Nice try with “now”.

Seems some on this board don’t know “entitlement” is the term specifically for Medicare and Medicaid.

One either has private health insurance; no health insurance; or an entitlement:


Excuse you? You think you know what is good for Oklahoma?

There is so many things wrong with the OP.

Okay, first of all, only 7 counties were in favor for this. Rural Oklahoma was largely against this measure. My county voted for it, and I voted against it.

Secondly, it only passed by a margin of .4%. This is NOT something that us okies are too crazy about.

Thirdly, while this actually passed in only 7 counties, 80% of the mail in votes were in favor. This is highly suspicious- it could be a sign of voter fraud or mail-in harvesting.

Don’t try to tell me what my state and I want. That’s super offensive. And now, the government will have EVEN MORE of their paws in healthcare. Physicians, at least the ones I have networked with, are sick and tired of the bureaucratic politics. It affects their patient panel size, and the government isn’t very effective at combating the current opioid crisis, or anything at all, really.

I have complex medical and mental health needs. Now the government gets to decide what care I get, and most likely, there will not only be a longer wait time to get in to see my doctors (which I really need because I was recently in the hospital for depression and severe vitamin deficiencies that led to it), but now, there will be more demanding patients, more drug-seeking patients.

People don’t understand the Pandora’s box that letting the government into healthcare can be. By the way, if we get free healthcare, then I want abortions to be banned entirely. I refuse to pay for someone to kill their unborn child.


Amen sister!

In addition to my previous post, I’m also scared for my father. He is getting up in years, and the state will most likely deny his healthcare coverage because of his age and because of some of his conditions. While a 40-year-old smoker with 5 children will get coverage, because they are younger and because they have a larger family to support. People don’t understand how this affects families. They just want government dependency.

What does the government know about each individual person’s healthcare and medical needs?

I’m sorry people, but I’m really upset with this passage. /end rant.


And now more okies will be insured.

That is a good thing right.


Why? more people will have health insurance and that’s a good thing. Right?


Not at all. I agree, healthcare needs to be more affordable, but not through the government. Insurance needs to be more competitive in their marketing and pricing, and it needs to be able to be sold across city and state boundaries.

It’s not that simple. And by the way, the money is only going to end up going to big name hospitals or state-owned hospitals anyway. Many of the poor live in urban areas, so the money will be funneled back to state hospitals in big cities.

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Lol. Super offended because more people will have health insurance.

Not sure why you are offended.

I meant no offense I assure you.

Just very happy another state is on board with providing its citizens with health insurance.


And the insured will get needed health treatments. Instead of having to do without.