Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down

So earlier this week, there was a huge blowup on the right wing over comment Va Gov Northam made that when taken completely out of the context surrounding them, seemed to suggest he supported infaticide.

This was a bunch of total BS.

But now, not even a week later, this shows up.

Yeah, screw em. That is not something that can just be brought up. Resign now.

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This should go well for him.

Guess his opponent hired a ■■■■■■■ oppo research team to miss this one.

Also, how did this make it past any kind of editor in '84?


So…that’s who that is. He looks like he was some kind of idiot in med school.

Not acceptable. He needs to step down.

His campaign was also caught erasing his black running mate from campaign literature.

Yeah, I think he should resign, as well.

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Ah, I see VA Dems are going to go with the “Kavenaugh” defense.

It was bullspit then and it’s bullspit now.

I’ll wait to see how this plays out…

He should resign and the lieutenant gov will succeed him.

There, done. See how easy it is?

Eh… the “I was stupid in college” defense doesn’t fly for this.

If Northam is being featured in that picture, or had anything to do with it being put in the yearbook, he needs to go. I’m not advocating destroying people’s lives over decisions they made as irresponsible college students, but that doesn’t mean they get a pass. Being in high public office should be reserved for the best of the best, even if it oftentimes isn’t. Let him go live his life in a way in which he is not seen as representing millions of people.

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No excuse for that crap. He should go.

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It seems he has released a statement in which he acknowledges he does appear in the photo.

Yeah, time to go bud.

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Wow…getting nailed for being “radical on abortion” and then having a Klan/blackface yearbook photo within days of each other.

Wonder if that extreme mix has ever happened before.

I disagree. He did this idiotic stunt as a idiotic college student. He has not shown any racist tendencies for 35 years. He didn’t do this yesterday. He apologized. Democrat or republican is irrelevant. Time to move on.

he shouldnt have to resign over this

I’m pretty sure his black African-American constituents are not going to be happy about this, especially on the first day of Black History Month. :rofl:
Homeboy needs to stick a fork in it, he’s done.

Resign. Sorry man- this wasn’t 1954 when that sort of thing was actually culturally acceptable in some parts. This was 1984 when it definitely wasn’t.

Holy crap he admitted to reporters he’s one of the 2 guys in that clansman/blackface photo.

Points to the guy for admitting the truth in an age where politicians refuse to admit anything, even when there is irrefutable video evidence.

But, looks like it’s resign time for Northam.

Democrat logic - Paint your face 35 years ago in college; probably intoxicated = Must resign now.

Killing babies at 9 month old by sucking their brain out on the other hand Meh whatever.