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Black people get the cops called on them for literally standing inside a Starbucks. And this lady can walk around with a rifle like it ain’t no thing. That’s white privilege.

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LOL perv.

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white guilt

Now you see…that isn’t the whole truth is it?

Nope. Not getting the police called on you for doing normal, every day ■■■■ is white privilege.

What are you referring to?

but obsessing over it is white guilt

You didn’t get that my post came from a Beatles song sung by John Lennon who was being a wee bit sarcastic, right?

Do you go into a Starbucks that takes a key to use the bathroom, go to the cashier and request the key knowing you must purchase something, get turned down and then go take up a whole table because you want to do your business there…free of any charge?

The customers wanted something for nothing and when presented with it, became indignant.

Acknowledging there’s imbalance in how our society treats certain groups is not guilt. I’m sorry if you feel bad about it. I can acknowledge it exists and recognize things need to change.

I haven’t read that account of what happened in Philly. Gotta link?

Oh…you didn’t know that they wanted to use a table, free of charge and took up this space while waiting for their business associate to arrive? You didn’t know that the cashier has the key to the restrooms? You didn’t know that you had to buy something first? What is it that you weren’t aware of?

Gotta link?

when it happened, anyone who cared read the various news reports and learned what happened. Don’t be an information vampire.

In the mean time, here are some other links …

I’ve read accounts of what happened. I haven’t seen anything like what Smyrna is talking about. I’m not saying it isn’t true, just asking for the source of the information.

White people get similar treatment. I know I have. But no one publishes the events.

You look for yourself but you already know now why I said, you didn’t tell the whole truth…did you?

That’s cool if you don’t want to back up your statements.