Ok...I have a big problem with this Starbucks thing

What evidence is there that this manager called the cops on the two guys because they were black? Is there any verified evidence that she had let non-black people sit in the store without purchasing anything?

If not…why are we assuming this was a racial thing?

As far as I can tell…she got fired for enforcing company policy.

i’ve just been waiting to see what happened/happens. i do agree that if she got fired for doing her normal job that’s not right.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that what most people would be upset about is not whether she followed the policy to the letter, but whether she would have done so for any two randos that were not black. Is the application of the rule fair?

Like I’m 100% confident that this is not the first time a Starbucks has had a couple of people waiting for someone else having not yet purchased anything. Is it a coincidence that the first time the police are called over it it’s two black men? Or is it a sign of something deeper, a more pervasive pattern? That’s the crux of the issue imo.

I heard the Manager was a very Pro LGBTQ and such she would get on peoples cases if they used wrong Pro-Nouns and such.

That particular Starbucks has 4 Cameras in the area wonder why we have not seen the Video of the entire incident.

Remember the Police asked them to leave the 2 Men refused.

We need more information not just the 2 mens side of the story.

We have seen the Police Chief.
If Starbucks fires her she will have a good lawsuit against them I would think.

There are white people in the video saying the guys weren’t doing anything wrong and at least one or two other people who said they didn’t buy anything either. It was only the black guys who were singled out.

And they didn’t exactly refuse to leave. They asked why the police were called to kick them out when they hadn’t done anything wrong.

maybe the black guys called her “Miss”.

If the police asks you to leave you leave, but I think it stinks they were even confronted. Was there no room for other customers to set or what, I thought they were a coffee shop, its normal to wait for a friend and grab some coffee after they arrive. Poor management I think, unless something else was the trigger to call the police.

Actually the issue is that Starbucks has a policy that you can’t just sit around. It isn’t the Friends coffee shop.
They apparently were asked several times if they wanted something. They said NO and in the interview the guys said why would we want something we had our own water bottles.
They have actually been telling conflicting stories. Even the Black Police chief said the story the 2 men are telling is not accurate.
Since the shop had 4 camera’s I would like to see the footage of the entire event.
When they actually came in and what transpired.
Sure they were not doing anything but if Starbucks has an actual policy of not being allowed to sit around with out purchasing anything then that is the issue. If they were waiting for a friend why isn’t the friend with them in these interviews to back up that claim they were waiting for someone else?

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What evidence is there the manager was white?

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What’s with Starbucks?
Are they hiring foreigners again?

Feb 2, 2017 · Starbucks Corp ( SBUX.O), facing backlash from some customers over its plans to hire refugees, said it would speed up its previously stated goal of…

I think calling the police was a step too far, and I think over-enforcing a policy is poor management.

That’s not what I was talking about.

I was talking about why this was immediately perceived to be a racist move, where she lost her job and now all Starbucks’ are shutting down for a day to have diversity training.

I understand there’s racism. This may very well have been either conscious or unconscious racism.

I’m just not thrilled that it appears to have been automatically assumed to be racism because two black guys were involved.

I’m not a coffee drinker, so I have met up with people several times at Starbucks without ordering anything. I was often the first person to ever arrive, too. Never have I been told to leave if I didn’t order anything. No employee has ever approached me. A lot of African Americans probably have the same experience as this white man. These two men obviously didn’t.

I really hate when things like this happen and people pick a side based on race. Let’s wait for the facts to come out before passing judgement on the manager or the two men.

Lots of incomplete information.

I hear they were sitting for two minutes, than asked to leave by the manager and when they did not. 911 was called.

Seems like an over reaction by the manager.

I myself if I were manager I would give people a few minutes.

When my wife and I go to restaurants, sometimes she has to use the ladies room, so I patiently wait for her a few minutes.

Why the bums rush out of the Starbucks?

Lots of incomplete info.


I thought I read that they “asked” to use the restrooms? Who does that? Well, very very polite people do. But very very polite people don’t refuse to leave when asked either. So something does not compute. Like it was a setup… knowing that if they bought even the cheapest thing on the menu or a candy bar, they could use the rest room… no questions asked. But also, knowing that if they DID NOT buy anything at all, almost any similar establishment is going to say, “no”.

I think it was a setup. Libs are running out of real racism to point to. They need to invent such situations now to keep their narrative believable.

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Just an anecdote, but I’ve sat at Starbucks for hours and hours with only purchasing a $3 coffee (and other times without purchasing anything, just chatting with a friend) and have never been asked to leave. I remember reading responses that others have done the same at that location and never been asked to leave.

You think this was a set up…as in, they decided to see if they could get kicked out of Starbucks to inflame racial tensions as part of a larger liberal agenda/narrative?

3 dollars is not nothing.

it may seem arbitrary but an establishment has to have rules.

I’m simply going to lean towards siding with the group of people who say that experiences like this are not that abnormal for them. Experiences that I have never and will likely never happen to me. I’m going to give that group of people the benefit of the doubt, because I have no reason to oppose it. There is a greater potential for harm if those experiences are constantly questioned. That’s just my humble opinion.

it wouldn’t be the first time similar methods are employed… such as supposed victims of racism being found guilty of writing the racist epithets on the walls… for that very purpose.

typical examples. you can find others. And how many other example are that are never brought to light exist. It is 2018… not 1820… nor 1964.

Black guy writes racial epithets on the boards of other black cadets.

here’s a other about a black guy defacing a building with racial epithets.

And here is another from not too long ago at a university. Again … a false flag operation intended to inflame racial tensions and indict white people.

You see… libs are having black people make false flag attacks just to keep the racial tensions high. There is mostly peace between the races now and Liberals feel threatened.

Yes… a set up is a possibility.

$3 spread over 6 hours compared to nothing spread over two minutes? What I paid comes out to be less than a cent per minute. That’s absolutely arbitrary. That’s not counting the several times I’ve simply come into a starbucks to meet with a friend and didn’t buy anything. Those hour chats didn’t result in being asked to leave.