OK, I give...I'm a Socialist now

-If $15.00 an hour is good, then it’s better if we make it $150.00!

-If raising taxes to 26% is good for millionaires, lets’ make it 90%, they need to pay their fair share!

-If shutting down small businesses is good, let’s shut down Wal-Mart, Kroger, Lowes, & McDonalds! Evil Capitalist’s!

-If shutting all those down is good, let’s shut down all the government agencies so not the spread the virus! No wait, government should be increased to the point it controls everything, nationalize all businesses! Everyone work for the government.

-Close all churches & end free speech.

-Take everyone’s guns. No need for such dangerous things in the hands of the public, after all, the only ones who needs arms is government. They will “Protect” you.

-Outlaw meat. Vegan only allowed.

-Make your kids inform on you in case you speak a word about President Kamalla, er, Biden for now…

-Utopia! Everyone is equal now!


Good luck with that!


It’s the logical conclusion of the leftist ideology.


Dislike for meat isn’t socialist, it’s just smart. The next pandemic will come from people eating meat, or due to practices inherent in producing it.

Ideally, we could carve out steep tax breaks for substitutes so they can out-compete genuine meat in situations where they’re interchangeable.


You’re right, it isn’t socialist but it is authoritarian. This country doesn’t want socialism anyway. IF Biden takes his win as a mandate for socialism the left will suffer historic defeats in 2022 and 2024. Trump’s policies for the most part weren’t the reason he lost. Trump’s narcissism was.


I see people still don’t understand the definition of socialism.


What’s authoritarian about it? The producers get a tax break, and customers get more choices. Why not help this along, encourage innovation, and delay the next inevitable zoonotic, anti-biotic-resistant disease?

It’s pretty simple, I like cheeseburgers, you trying to take them away from me = Authoritarian.


Normal cheeseburgers are still on the menu. It says so right there in the article.

This sounds almost like an anti-choice person. You’ll gladly take baby steps to your goals. Is your ultimate goal not that we ultimately stop eating meat???

Meat is irreplaceable in products where customers prefer real meat. My goal is to give more choices for customers who either don’t care either way, or prefer the safer alternative that does not introduce as much disease into the human population.

That meat on the cheeseburgers didn’t get there without government subsidy either, so there’s nothing new or radical about tax breaks for meat-substitutes.

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No it doesn’t what? They are not reducing the number of McDonald’s offering meat based burgers to one in the entire state.

No This is not like an anti choice person. Diet drinks are also authoritarian based on this logic.


McCommie! McHippie! McMadness!

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I’m getting there. Thinking about it, I’ve been taking care of the state for over half a century. Maybe it’s time for the state to take care of me for a while.

I’ve been working a long time and I’m tired. Maybe it’s time some guys like me had some fun. I could go back to college. Protest a bit. Anything but work.


Market is already on it. My meat consumption is way down due to viable and good tasting plant based substitutes. Economy of scale should also make it less expensive than meat. I am perfectly happy to eat a plant based burger or to use crumbles in other dishes.


What the hell is wrong with you?

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I’m not giving up my bat tenderloins in pangolin sauce no matter what you socialists try to do.


Don’t like being fat? Lost fifty pounds in the last six months, getting near my ideal weight at this point. Less meat, less carbs, more vegetables. And if you know how to cook, which I do, you won’t even miss it. Still have a steak every month or two though. I am 58 and not on any medication, I aim to keep it that way.


You are trying to claim Soylent Green is better than beef.

Meat doesn’t make you fat.

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You worry about what you eat and I’ll do me. Sound fair?