Ok Fast Forward Inauguration Day. What does a Sanders Presidency look like?

Just, plain, funny.

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An interesting view that might become even more so in November, 2020.

That is a very easy question to answer. Play golf all the time.

What if he has another heart attack?


Quick, someone call plumber Joe!

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Very accurate.

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Too young. Not qualified age wise for the presidency if Sanders did croak.


Fortunately she’s too young to run.

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The FBI can’t deal with their own ■■■■■■■ employees.

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Heck, I’d just be glad that it won’t look like this…

You are laboring under the Internet Illusion.

It makes the exception appear to be the rule.

Only a relative few FBI employees went rogue.

Dont believe me?

Wait until the bad guys start civil insurrections around the time of the election.

Oh, but it WILL!

It will.


She should consider becoming Bernie’s “Huma.”

Che pictures going up in the White House?

■■■■ the FBI.

Her age wouldn’t matter there i suppose.

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He’s absolutely correct, the problem with the FBI is that it was rotting from the head down.

The upper echelons of the FBI became infested with political activists instead of law enforcers.

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Civics courses should be sought by American citizens.

AOC = 30 years old

Could she be the VP for a President Sanders?