Ok Fast Forward Inauguration Day. What does a Sanders Presidency look like?

I predict his first move will be to implement a Green Gov’t Agenda with the USG leading in reducing carbon emissions.

To that end AF1&AF2 are scrapped along with Marine 1, 2, and 3.

He replaces them all with his green alternative multi role transport vehicle.

What other changes can we count on. :grinning:

I see GOP’s heads exploding and lots of right wing tears

And the biggest inauguration crowd ever.

He’ll set everything back on track. lol

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To be followed by left wing tears after the little money they have is taxed away by the feds.


Well then let’s just hope the House flips and the Senate stays Republican majority.

With the candidates and platforms they are putting out this year, a democratic win in November would virtually take divine intervention.

Or maybe satanic intervention. If it did happen, liberals would face the immediate slap in the face of reality. The programs he want’s would be impossible to do. Bernie would burn.

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No, they’d just make endless excuses blaming it on republicans.


That would be tough. If Bernie wins, they also own the house and Senate.

The facts won’t matter, they never do.

On inauguration day, Sanders will be “president” of his own house while they are watching Trump getting sworn in.



Seriously, if the Senate stays Republican is it likely that Bernie could get one nominee through? (Conversely, if the Senate flips and Trump is re elected, is there a chance Trump could get one nominee passed?)

The latter is what worries me about Trump. Win no core principles of his own what would he do in that situation as a lame duck?

It will be a new America


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Your gif isn’t loading.

In your dreams.

And the FBI and the other Law Enforcement authorities will be ready to deal with civil insurrection you Red Fellows might cook up when Bernie loses.

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He would make sure Americans would be held hostage to assure nothing bad happens to himself.

The way those BLM feminists ran Bernie off the stage and then mama Jane ran up to fight his battle, I’d say Jane is in charge.