OK...Biden wins in Nov. What Trump policies will he roll back

As in OP question. What Trump policies will democrats undo if they’re lucky enough to win in Nov.

The whole Wall thing gets shelved for starters.


No comprende?

That doesn’t count as “policy”?

The post office gets to go back to where it was.


no more personal freedom…

you can’t do that if the government has to pay for your health care… too risky

…never mind. :sunglasses:

the current improvements were suggested years ago and never implemented due to beaurocratic malfeasance

it will be fun to watch comrade biden try to move the embassy out of Jerusalem

its the only way to peace! /sarc

He’d stop trying to cut food stamps.

Trump’s wall is the biggest reason why I am voting for Biden. He will stop construction of Trump’s wall along with ending the lawsuits against the Texas property owners.
Biden says he would stop border wall construction as president | TheHill

The wall (actually a fence) has been there for years. The only thing trump has done is pretend to build NEW wall.

internal combustion engines will be outlawed

more bird chopping devices will dot the landscape

pig and cow flatulence will be outlawed and human diets will be purified

Like Trump’s pretend plan for Mexico to pay for the pretend wall, Trump’s pretend healthcare plan, Trump’s pretend elimination of the debt, and Trump’s pretend defunding of PP?

I guess I was expecting too much…my mistake.

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Other than tax cuts for the wealthy, please describe these trump policies.

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Paris Hoax Accords
Tax cuts, including the middle class
The wall
Probably TPP
China decoupling