Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Oberlin's 36m Judgement Appeal

Another “Go Woke, Go Broke” case.

A couple of black students stole a bottle of wine from a bakery and were caught by the son of the store owner who happened to be white. The owner called the police and three students were arrested. So the students went back to Oberlin and made up a bunch of fliers stating that the bakery had a history of prejudism going back years and they should be boycotted for accusing these fine students of theft.

Student protests then broke out accusing the bakery of racism. Oberlin’s student govt passed a resolution accusing the bakery of a history of racism. Oberlin College itself got involved by having their Dean of Student Affairs handing out fliers protesting the bakery, and School Officials moved to stop ordering food from the Bakery for it’s dining halls.

The Bakery owner sued for Defamation and won a jury judgement for 36 million. The fliers that the Dean handed out were false and made up garbage. As for three fine students that started the whole affair, they plead guilty to the charges.

Oberlin appealed the judgement to the Ohio Supreme Court and were denied by a 3 judge panel. The School itself should have never gotten involved. That was their demise. The flyers could have claimed opinions and nothing would have happened. They lied when they claimed on the fliers that the Bakery had a “History of Racism” with nothing to back that statement up. What was on the flyers would be “Exhibit A” in the courtroom and the School itself should have made sure the statements were factually correct of a Dean at the school was going to get involved on behalf of the school.

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Black Ryes Matter

Student Scone Forgiveness to follow?


They seriously ■■■■■■ up and they are finally having to pay the piper for their outrageous conduct. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch.


Ok. That is something that definitely happened.

More background. Interesting to see how this all progressed over the last few years. Good for the bakery. Well earned for having to put up with that garbage.


No shock in the minds of most of today’s libs the majority of white people are hopelessly racists.

And…the payment has been made of the entire amount.



Especially those who in the name of “anti-racism” judge by race first to last.