Ohio State Police reviewing gun activist’s video vowing ‘political bodies lying all over the ground’

So, here’s the real question. Did he make this statement just vague enough (against the Republican governor) so that a criminal investigation won’t be opened. I think he did.

"You do this or there could be political bodies lying all over the ground,” Dorr said more than an hour into the 80-minute video. “Maybe not this election, maybe the next election, but you’ll get yourself added to a list, my friend. And at some point when you come across the target field, we gun owners will pull the trigger and leave the corpse for the buzzards.”

He said the election is the “choke point for these politicians."

Direct threat. Someone will be arrested. IMO of course.

Anyone notice how all of the people who had multiple chances over the past two years to denounce bernie after james hodgkinson’s leftist shooting rampage (AND DIDN’T DO IT), suddenly want to blame politics for the actions of a psycho?

Anyone see a pattern here.

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That’s definitely a threat. Lock him up.

How is that relevant to anything in this thread? Cant address the topic?

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Does there need to be an action directly as a consequence of the words?


In criminal law. A menace; a declaration of one’s purpose or intention to work injury to the person, property, or rights of another. A threat has been defined to be any menace of such a nature and extent as to unsettle the mind of the person on whom it operates, and to take away from his acts that free, voluntary action which alone constitutes consent. Abbott. See State v. Cushing. 17 Wash. 544. 50 Pac. 512; State v. Brownlee, 84 Iowa, 473, 51 N. W. 25; Cote v. Murphy, 159 Pa. 420, 28 Atl. 190, 23 L. R. A. 135, 39 Am. St. Rep. 6S6.


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It only matters what he does, not what he says according to trump accomplices.


Btw, here’s his pic…


Maybe when they SAY they are shooting people for a political reason, we should pay attention?

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Like when a guy has a list of names of Republicans, yells "this is for health care " and he’s been hanging around their practice field for a week?

Or do you mean when a psycho rambles on about the environment every bIt as much as immigration and specifically says his views predate the current POTUS?