Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law


Yep after its born they could care less about it.


Regardless of where you stand, this would seem to be a fundamental issue that impacts ALL Americans, and should be addressed at the federal level.


Congratulations. You have been successfully indoctrinated to see the opposing side as inhuman monsters. Enjoy your certainty.


So outlaw abortion, have scads of babies, then we, the taxpayer, foots the bill from pre-natal care to age 18. Yea, that sounds less costly. jeeze, please don’t run for office.


And as soon as that baby is born, deny them medical care, deny them housing, deny them education, deny them equality.

The right just want those babies to grow up and fight in their unending wars, come home lame, and deny them benefits.


Are you talking about the left who have been successfully indoctrinated to see a human life that is not born yet as not human.


Let just kill babies because they might cost me a little money. Are old people next?


…you’ve got your wish. “Believe me.” :sunglasses:


You guys are the ones that worry about money.


If this is as complex an understanding of this issue as you can muster, then there’s really no way to move toward agreement.


You mean you would pick up something and attack the kitten drowner?


You’re talking Good Samaritan now. That’s not the same. We only have Good Samaritan laws in Latham Massachusetts.


I like that so much i had to repost it.:joy:


Or just ignore them when they get a little older and might cost you a little money.


Yes, they should.


Why would we pro-choice folks want to do that?


There are some men like that, sure. But I bet there are plenty of fathers out there that support abortion. I’m one of them.


Not everyone has cars. Some states mandate a consultation and then a waiting period adding extra cost and time. You keep making it sound simple yet conservatives are doing everything in their power to make it more difficult. You shouldn’t be arguing out of both sides of your mouth.


Castle Doctrine


Women can’t have sex just to have fun? It always is about love? Are still living in the 50’s?