Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law


That’s how I feel about gun control. Once the left passes something, there’s always the next step for them. They’ll never be happy.


because of democrats wanting them to pay for healthcare


I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.



Apr 13


If you believe abortion is murder, then you wouldn’t logically believe that it’s okay for one state to permit murder, but allow another state to criminalize it.

How dare you point out the never-ending stream of hypocritical stances by the religious right.How dare you point out the never-ending stream of hypocritical stances by the religious right.

How about the fact that one can only solve it the way that you mention is by getting a constitutional amendment passed by 37 or 38 states to make it so all unborn life is protected. Seeing that at the current and maybe no time in the near future, ain’t going to happen. It is not hypocritical to realize that, and attempt to save whatever babies you can, and try to get Roe v Wade overturned and put whatever bans, restrictions are possible. Why is it not hypocritical for people who supposedly care about children outside the womb, who did not get killed in their own mother’s womb, to promote the slaughter of innocent babies in somebody else’s womb, something that conveniently didn’t happen to them?


Hmm, so if the govt didn’t pay for abortion you would be pro-choice?


Well since no one is promoting it we don’t have to worry.


there is no connection between my views on ending developing human life, and the democrats pushing for free healthcare


I didn’t think so which makes you bolder response above a bit perplexing. It’s all good, I think I understand what you meant now.


Because the State level is in the Constitution.

Democrats should learn more about the Constitution sometime.


Your compassion is ■■■■■■■ stunning.


compassion for whom ? fetus or mother!


Yeah, I think it’s pretty sick when a mother is so horrible that she Aborts her
own child.

My compassion for an unborn child is stunning. Somebody has to fight for
the unborn, and the ones that can’t protect themselves from evil in this world.


Lets say abortion is made illegal, what do you propose to do about all the children that will now be living?


Maybe you should ask that question of people not smart enough or who can’t be bothered to use birth control.


Something the Court pulled out of its ass isn’t a constitutional right.


Umm, is this a trick question? lmao!
They would be humans and have rights.

I mean atleast for now. Either until Democrat Politicians make it that you can
still dispose of a child up until a certain age even outside of the womb.
Or make the voting age young enough to the point where the child can barely talk,
and simply starts comprehending things in life on an intellectual basis, and then
allow them to vote at that age. lol.


Why does that matter?


Who will take care of the kids?


Wouldn’t the Democrat Politicians? After all, they constantly use the excuse at
our border that it’s all about the children and their families, is it not?

the problem with all of that at the border, is that the Democrat Politicians say
that it’s about the children, and families right, but when it comes to Abortion
and their families they don’t give two *****! lol.

I’m guessing many Americans can see this, and realize the hypocrisy from the
Left wing Socialist Politicians because of this.


Ah so you want kids to be born but don’t care about them afterward. Got it.