Oh this is rich, was talking about it again yesterday

About the dangers of incorporating all the intel, law enforcement agencies into one…and how it can be turned into a weapon.

More grave is the ODNI’s potential to be politically weaponized, as some argue Attorney General William Barr has done with the Department of Justice.

Notice how they trying to blame Barr here tho…when in fact it started under Obama as I’ve been pointing out for years.

I really really love this line thou, it’s real hoot isn’t it?

Some DNIs, such as James Clapper and Dan Coats, have conducted themselves in a professional, bipartisan manner with the best interests of the country, the IC and its workforce in mind, respecting the spirit of their duties, as well as the authorities. Will we always be so fortunate? What if they behaved as Barr has done at Justice?

James Clapper conducting himself in professional, bipartisan manner…give me a ■■■■■■■ break.

But you notice how they, the left is now trying to steal my talking points as their own.


Remember the good ol’ days when intelligence agencies had barriers between them? :thinking:

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I have no doubt some of this abuse happened under Obama. But explain how it only started under Obama?

Over the last 10-15 years or so, there has been a huge push for reciprocity between agencies and branches of government. They saw it as a cost savings measure. They could consolidate and share systems where valuable information resides.

The problem that created is that gave more people access to things that they likely didn’t need. However because it resides in the same code word file repository, you had to get access to everything, just to see the one thing you need to do your job.

And there was reason for it too.

Nice catch. :wink:

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I warned about the danger under Bush but it was Obama that taken advantage of it as we have witnessed.

Unless you can provide evidence that Bush did it too.

The Patriot act? PRISM?

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What did you want Bush to do? Weren’t you listening to Chuck Schumer about the advisability of Presidents going against our intelligence agencies?

I was just responding to Conan about whether or not Bush “weaponized” the government. those are two clear examples.

No they weren’t. How were they weaponized and against who under Bush?

All American citizens. Is that not enough?

While abusing the rights of all citizens is of course problematic, it is not on nearly the same level as using them to target your political enemies.

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What, you don’t think collecting data on all Americans and then lying under oath to Congress about it is conducting themselves “in a professional, bipartisan manner with the best interests of the country” that they are spying on and lying to?

Yeah…silly me. :wink:

They are still citizens, right?

Not only that but that is a stretch to say Obama or even Bush used the government to target political enemies.

Trump definitely attempted to do that with this whole Ukraine debacle

How do you figure abusing all citizens is better than abusing some citizens?

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Isn’t the intent the same in both cases?

No. One is at least ostensibly to protect us from terrorism, the other is clearly a political attack. You can of course deny it happened but you can’t deny it’s worse if it did.

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But if the Patriot Act could be used only to protect us from terrorism no one would object to it. What people fear is the government using that power for political and other attacks on citizens.