Oh please do run on this 🤣

Oh please run on this if you want to get elected. It doesn’t matter if 77% thinks the economy is bad including 63% of your constituents. I am sure you can change their mind. Maybe you’d claim $5 dollars a gallon is good for the climate, and will help with global warming.

“Democrat strategist Adrienne Elrod claimed Wednesday on MSNBC that the Biden agenda is a popular one that any candidate should be proud to run on, especially because of its economic success.”

And just to put the last few over to ensure victory campaign on this.

“Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?” Bishop asked.

“Yes,” Arrambide replied.


She smoked Hunter’s crack for breakfast this morning. :rofl:


They’ve spent the past two years making fun of people that can’t afford Teslas, so I actually expect that to be their message going into the midterms.

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Its their job to spin everything in a positive way. Its ■■■■■■■ idiotic but we saw it in Trumps administration, we saw it on Obamas, we saw it in bush’s.

And I am sure when we have another republican in the WH, one of their “strategists” will say something just as stupid and we will see a thread created.

Biden’s strength is “inflation”. Just ask him, he’ll tell ya. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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What was the Trump disaster that they had to spin?

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Unprecedented world peace.

Unprecedented unemployment.

Unprecedented prosperity.

You know, all the things the establishment and their bootlickers are against. :wink:


Mean tweets.


Nah not at all. His tweets just showed his ignorance. Take a look at what his surrogates/strategists said during his 4 years. It was nothing but praise and spin for his administration. As you would expect from either side.

Not sure why its so hard for us to agree that both sides are gushing with praise and positivity for the administration they are involved with.

When the next Republican President is in office everyone will put their protest signs down, cross the street and pick up the oppositions protest signs. Rinse and repeat when a dem gets back into the WH.

It happens on here and every message board every-time the administration flips to a new one.

Yeah but they can’t even get a message going of isolating the positives.

Look at how well the Trump White House made everything seem like it was a boom when his numbers matched Obama’s on every category except for may be one and even then the trajectory was there

OK, then what else was a Trump disaster?

Oh I agree. Trump was the master at controlling the narrative. I have always said Dems are absolutely crap at messaging. Some of that comes from a misguided POV that they have to take the high ground.

Read the rest of my post and you will see what I mean.

This fixation on one phrase or wording in a lame attempt at a gotcha has always been and always will be ■■■■■■■ infantile no matter who does it. And yes I have done it in the past but try my best not to.

…and yet, you didn’t answer this simple question? Why is that?

IF this where the seven stages of grief she is in the denial stage.

The question at hand was identifying what might have been disasters under Trump.

Mean tweets (which is really a shorthand for his prickly personality as president) was my contribution to the question. You disagreed with that, so I asked what you though was a disaster under Trump.

“Mean tweets” is a common meme for Trump. Actually, his personality got in the way of a lot of things he did. In that respect, it was a disaster of sorts.

What disasters did you see under Trump?

Trump’s personality was a self-inflicted disaster to his presidency. Or, at a minimum, a huge hurdle.

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As for the OP and the topic of this thread, the economy is a disaster for Biden at this point.

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Okay here are a few, Socially the country become more fractured and divided than it has been in decades. Kicking off a trade war with China. Flip flopping on how to handle the pandemic.

Of course you will not agree and nothing you can say will make me change my mind so now perhaps we can agree both sides have operatives who sole job is to protect and spin the actions of their president.

Why are they going this route? Must be Jan 6 isn’t proving the windfall Dems had hoped.