Oh No! Is Joe getting Kavanaughed?

They’re ready…



From women, not Republicans.

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Your timing is off. Kavanaugh was Kavanaughed before he was confirmed.

Nah, Trump him: yell that it never happened and threaten to sue. Worked for Forrest.

You folks must have missed the memo. Accusations of sexual harassment and even assault are no longer disqualifying conditions for the presidency. Haven’t been since 1992. Weren’t in 2016, that’s for sure.

Go back to insults about stuttering.

Exactly. It didn’t hurt him in the end. Biden would have to win in order for it to be the same.

And you have it backwards. Kavanaugh was confirmed before he was Kavanaughed. Or do you believe that anything short of a murder on 5th Ave was going to prevent his confirmation?:roll_eyes:

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You think cheating on your wife, pregnant or not, is equivalent to sexual assault?

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After coming to the realization of the mental capacity of the probable lib candidate, that’s the new lib plan.

There’s a thread for that.

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Social distancing be damned

At this point. there’s WAYYY more evidence of the former. Like, three marriages worth.

If you want I can use the other 22 women who accused trump of sexual assault if you want…

Nobody gives a ■■■■ about those…so why should I care here?

Because I’m not. There is no moral high ground here. You guys can parse this till you are blue in the face…wont matter.

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no no. not “stuttering”


joe doesnt stutter. hasnt since childhood

see how people can be brainwashed?

hey remember when everyone listened and laughed about that when he was on howard stern ?

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I think all the libs on this board are saying it should be followed up on. Unlike like you Kavanaugh supporters.

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Bridget McCain says hello.

I’ve worked for years with students/peers who stutter plus watched many Biden interviews (I voted for Obama in 08 and still like ole Joe).

I never noticed one so I think its strange that stuttering has become the big explanation for his speaking issues. I truly don’t think he’s well - I wish him the best and hope the man gets to live out his life happy.

Thread topic–until someone goes under oath and evidence emerges…I don’t give these accusations weight. The timing makes any allegation beyond crazy suspicious.


Cuomo’s presidential slogan:
“Wheah ahh da ventilatahs”?

In the sagacious words of Mazie Hirono - “the woman is to be believed.” I’m sure Hunter will be giving Joe the high five.