Oh no! Deep state leaker busted!

That non-sequitur has zero to do with the accurate claim you made that we do not prosecute high ranking government officials. Trump* will be a prime example of this axiom.

*3rd Impeached President of the United States

Indeed. Because we do not prosecute high ranking government officials, even when the evidence of their crimes is a completely open and shut slam dunk of a case, like the one against Trump* clearly is.

*3rd Impeached President of the United States


I’m just happy that they finally nailed one of the leakers. How bout chu?

Anyone who breaks the law deserves punishment.

That’s cuz they didn’t “intend” to break the law…amirite?

I’m certain Trump* had every intention of committing these felonies.

*3rd Impeached President of the United States

the flash drive technique was prob method employed in revealing all the dnc emails, rather than the ridiculous Russian hacking lie.

this supports that

Seth Rich conspiracy again. Cool, cool.

Groundhog Day

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You’re starting to sound like a Maxine/Nancy combo. Be careful. :sunglasses:

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That seems totally necessary. Thank you.

Fur Sur

The resistance!!!

Nader was working both sides.

In previous court hearings, prosecutors have described Nader as a lifelong pedophile. He pleaded guilty in 1991 to transporting child pornography, and he was convicted in the Czech Republic in 2003 of sexual crimes that included hands-on contact with several underage boys. One of those victims appears to be the same underage boy that Nader brought to the US for “commercial sex” in 2000.

Separately, Nader was charged last year in a sweeping case involving illegal foreign donations to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. He pleaded not guilty to those charges, which alleged that Nader and others funneled money from a Middle East donor to Clinton. Nader has close ties to the leadership of the United Arab Emirates and worked as diplomatic middleman in the region for many years.


Yeah…what crimes would Trump be prosecuted for?

For the current articles of impeachment…

But for past misdeeds, Obstruction of Justice (Mueller Report) and his multiple felonies committed with his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, in the weeks preceding the 2016 election for the payoff to Stormy Daniels.

Don’t fear though, he will never be held accountable for his crimes. We don’t prosecute our top elected officials, even when it is a slam dunk case of criminality.

Indeed. He is scummy beyond scummy.

Funny how exercising one rights is now obstruction of justice…only in world of totalitarians.

What Trump sought to have McGahn do by requesting he falsify the record is absolutely NOT a right and is absolutely obstruction of justice. This has nothing to do with totalitarianism. Learn what words mean before trying to use them.