Oh no! Deep state leaker busted!

It looks like they finally got one. :blush: And she is now an ex treasury employee and current inmate. She was busted trying to take a flash drive with the confidential financial information of Trump officials to the media. Hopefully we will end the insane policy of not charging or convicting federal employees. She calls herself a whistle blower. I hope to call her jailbird.


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Good. Glad she was caught and she deserves to be punished. I’m all for financial transparency, but it must be done legally.

Good reply.

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Great new, let’s hope this is the beginning of an full accounting, not just a sacrificial pig.


I wonder why she’s being charged but not all of the many other leakers like McCabe, Comey and so many others?

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Good. Anyone in federal government who commits a crime should be prosecuted and serve jail time.

How about the others?

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This is a good start.

Plenty of other leaks to plug.


Do you just make stuff up and then answer it to yourself? Why?

General Flynn is being prosecuted for lying to the FBI? Why do you not think everyone should be treated the same?

That argument doesn’t sway me in the least and I know you’re better than that.

I’ll tell you. And the answer is simple. You are more likely to see a sasquatch and a space alien in the same day than your are to see a high ranking government official prosecuted. We don’t do these things in America. That would be barbaric. Prosecution is for the peasants.Not the ruling class.

Indeed. Which is why Trump* won’t be wearing an orange jumpsuit once he leaves office for his multiple felonies committed.

*3rd Impeached President of the United States

Wow…and he’s convicted in your mind before the trial? So innocent till proven guilty no longer applies?

He doesn’t count. They consider him to be an outsider who cheated his way in to the club. Not only would they charge him for crimes, they are willing to invent crimes.

I’ve seen the evidence and read the indictment and sentencing documents of Cohen. I’ve read the evidence provided by Mueller. If he were anyone other than the POTUS, he would already have been tried, found guilty, and be serving time next to Cohen right now. But as @altair1013 explained, we don’t prosecute high ranking government officials. Even when their crimes are blatant, documented, and easily proven.

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But absolutely true. They were committed to impeachment before he was sworn in. You saw it. I saw it. And Nancy admitted it.

Well, tecnically Trump is an unindicted co - conspirator at this stage - and will likely remain so.

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Because the AG is a never Trumper?

Has to be it.

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