Oh look - Dick Morris has a prediction

It’s presidential election time, which of course means that the genius master prognosticator Dick Morris who’s managed to somehow predict the exact opposite of just about every election outcome that I remember is back with another forecast.

And he’s basically saying Trump will achieve a landslide on election day, but the Dem governors will keep finding mail-in ballots for Biden that will flip the states, and it’ll go to SCOTUS where John Roberts will get to decide :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

“The blue state governors are mailing out tens of millions of ballots, and they’re going to be returned with a vote on them, probably for Biden,” Morris told host John Catsimatidis. “And those people will not go to the polls to vote on Election Day. So what you’re probably looking at is that you’re going to have on election night a report that Trump carried … all of the potential swing states. And they’ll say that Trump has 330-350 electoral votes and won a landslide. And then, day after day, week after week, you’re going to find another million ballots counted here, another half-million there, another quarter of a million in another place. And gradually, these Democratic liberal secretaries of state who are in charge of the election in most of these blue states will say, ‘Oh, well, we’re sorry. It turns out Biden carried Wisconsin, not Trump.’”

He continued, “Then, the Trump people will sue. But that suit will have to be in state court. The state court judges are largely liberal, largely Democrat. And they are going to say, ‘Oh, we rule in favor of the state: Biden carried it.’ Then … they’ll probably go up to the federal courts. And the U.S. Supreme Court eventually will make the decision. And then the entire election will be in the hands literally of John Roberts. And we’ll see what he’ll do.”

Dick Morris is prepping the masses for their excuses.

When it comes to predictions Morris couldn’t carry Dionne Warwick’s jock, let alone Nostradamus’.

Actually he’s laying out Trump’s battle plan and doing some advanced salesmanship.

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The easiest solution is just to not call a state till all its votes are counted, including the absentee ballots. Calling states that night is as silly as calling them today based on early ballots.

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He has been largely irrelevant for a long time. I hardily see him on the news these days if any.

After a few weeks of officials from both parties explaining that we won’t have the results election night Dick Morris slithers out to let everyone know he’s still ready to earn a paycheck the easy way.


Bingo! Aren’t we about due for another Coulter bestseller as well?

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I sure remember when Morris, Rove and a whole bunch of other pundits were on Fox News saying how Romney was going to win in a landslide. And I thought at the time that it was a huge mistake. And I have always wondered how many Romney voters stayed home on election day. And then the same thing happened to Hillary. Everyone was so sure that she was going to be elected that it probably hurt her at the voting booths.

Well, at least we know one way it likely won’t happen now - lol

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If Dick Morri says it, then it won’t happen.
A person can make a good living betting against Dick Morris.

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What a disappointment. I thought he was predicting when the Rove indictment was going to come down.

This actually worries me. If Biden is up on Election Day I can see a lot of people thinking that they don’t need to vote!

I think that a lot of people learned a lesson four years ago. I expect a turnout with Obama-like numbers.
And if that happens, I believe that Trump is toast.

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Yes, the higher the turnout the more likely Biden is to win!

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I’ll admit it’s more likely than my prediction that Kanye wins, but I’m not very good at predictions because anyone who is predicting the election today is a fool and/or insane.