Oh look actual voter fraud

Nuh-uh. There’d be 8675309 threads.

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Well that’s a interesting way of casually admitting to a felony online.

Ya, see there’s the problem. When you have a duty to report, “the media” is not who your duty requires you to report to.

So Mark Harris directed that Dowless be hired even though he warned that Dowless had a history of shady tactics. Harris says that he didn’t know that Dowless ordered the collection of absentee ballots and their manipulation. So the question is if Harris is complicit for these crimes?
What I have failed to find is wither or not the election committee has the power to remove a candidate for cause?

nope options are

  1. Certify. that is send the certified vote to the house who has said they will declare the seat vacant and ask the governor for a new election.

  2. declare a new election

thats it.


Thanks for the info Allan.

Been following this case since there were problems


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So do you think that Harris is complicit?

if it was beyond a reasonable doubt. No

preponderance of evidence. Yes.


Kool story, bro.

I don’t know if the story is right or not, but I do know one thing.

The smaller the politics, the dirtier it gets.

Perhaps they found no evidence