Oh look actual voter fraud

Basically she wrote in names of people or her mother in order to cheat for the gop…

Remember scream loud about a subject so they dont notice you actually doing it…


We know why they’re so sure there’s voter fraud.
Trying to blame it on illegals who have no logical reason to vote (except that one guy who used it as part of his cover). Sad.

If illegal voters are the prey, I’d be checking voter rolls around Trump golf courses.

Meanwhile on Fox: SMOLLETT 24/7!

Let’s call it a two way street when a Democrat seeking a spot in Congress is found to have led a campaign that engaged in widespread voter fraud in multiple elections.

Do you have evidence of this? News article?

As a precinct committee person, you let this fly? Why?

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Cool story, bro.



For all you know, that could have been the only place she voted as well.

So you have no actual proof of voter fraud but “feel” that dems committed it amd that somehow makes it a two way street in comparison to there being actual proof of voter fraud committed by republicans…


what happened in NC-09 screams for new election

we shall see what happens when the election committee votes.

3 dem votes 2 rep votes

Here are the facts

  1. Certifying the election takes 3 votes.

  2. calling for a new election takes 4 votes

  3. if nothing is agreed upon, vote is certified

  4. The democrat majority will refuse to seat the certified winner and call on the governor to call for a new election.

  5. new election is held.


If I’m not mistaken there is a Republican majority in the North Carolina legislature. Is that what you’re speaking of?

The legislature has nothing to do with calling a new election or certifying the results. (from what I have read)

Only the members of election committee has a vote.


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Think about the massive cheating in NC.

Illegally gerrymandered districts
Those ruled illegal
Republicans kept appealing
Republicans continue using illegal districts
Courts keep ruling them illegal
Republicans keep appealing
And now this current cheating

That’s some messed up stuff


Just amazing that repubs screamed about corruption and voter fraud for 8 years under obama…

They finally find actual corruption with the teump admin and voter fraud in north Carolina…

And they not only refuse to acknowledge it, they outright deny it even exists…

Ita as of they never actually cared about the crimes and only cared about attacking people they hate…

All while expecting their opinions to be respected…


In this case it costs the district having a Representative in congress for a while.


Seems staged
Fake news
Democrat conspiracy
Suck it libs

That should cover it.

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Two wrongs don’t a make a right, the means do not justify the ends so this is even more reason to support VOTER ID law. IMO

What does the fraud exposed in North Carolina have to do with voter ID?

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Process fraud.