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More than three dozen businesses in Baltimore’s Fells Point are threatening to withhold tax and permit payments amid “chaos and lawlessness” that they say has been “going on for far too long,” according to local reports.

They all need to get on board. Consent of the governed.


No surprise here. Just the predictable and logical out working of modern progressivism policies and leadership.


Failed state.

defund the defunders?


Which policies specifically?

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The politicians had maybe better up funding to the health department if they don’t want treatment like in that Yelp episode of South Park?

Gee. Why wouldn’t people want to open new businesses in a place like that where they can’t be safe?
Must be red lining by banks.
Must be the system left over from slavery.


They voted for that government and its single-party rule for decades.

“I’m an anti authoritarian conservative and the people I support without fail are the armed agents of the state.”


Baltimore tried locking up everyone that moved when Martin O’Malley was mayor. It was a disaster.

It was just a couple years ago that the BPD gun trace task force was caught stealing millions of dollars from crooks for years.

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One of our daughters lived near Little Italy and worked in Fell Point/ Inner Harbor East areas of Baltimore city. She moved to Detroit this past winter and says it’s much safer there.
Baltimore city is run by incompetent noobs that bamboozle the voters over and over.
■■■■■■ schools, ■■■■■■ services and a gelded police department.

Read the link from the OP.


My brother makes Uber type deliveries all over the country. He no longer does pick ups or drops inside several cities, the clients must meet with him outside them or he refuses the gig. Many understand & meet up as he requests. Just too dangerous for him to even drive in to those areas. He was fired at 3 shots just passing through one of those areas, has been assaulted before as well. It’s never been so bad.

I wouldn’t live in either of those cities myself.

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If your “everything that moved” was committing crime then it was a mess well before they started locking them up.

Good argument for the potential victims to arm themselves and shoot the habitual criminal in the act though.

Violence in Lib Land. How shocking. :man_shrugging:

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Just another day in paradise. :rofl:


I bet it’s a bunch of thugs like these guys who are ruining the neighborhood:

You ever notice that your answers to virtually everything is killing people?


Hoo buddy this is subtle.