Oh God, please give us strength in our time of need

Oh God, please give us strength in our time of need. Please God, whatever your will is
in thine upcoming elections, please make the leaders strong, and good people no matter what side of the political spectrum they may come from. May they be people that wish to help America overall, and do good things for the American people.

Please forgive me God, for sometimes I get mad and angry with the politicians, and politics itself. I realize that in times of darkness or doubt that I should pray, and give those people up to you, Oh Lord. Thank you for the sunshine and the day, and thank you for the air that I breath. Thank you for the food in my belly, and thank you for giving me so much in my life. For I am blessed, but only because of you Oh Lord. ~Amen

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November 6th Mid-term elections.

May God Bless Us All either way.

Why doesn’t He just poof great politicians into office?