Oh cool. Here comes the blame for lack of adequate medical supplies on ... the Tea Party!

I kid you not.

ProPublica (source in the link) recognizes that the shortages today trace back to the Obama years, but say that it’s because the Tea Party Republicans fought for slowing down federal spending. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

who would have known cutting the budget would mean less supplies in stockpiles.


I blame Obama for the budget cuts that adversely affect our readiness today.

Republicans can prove they’re better than Obama by ensuring such cuts won’t happen again in future budgets.

Or that the Federal stockpile is apparently only for the Federal government and not for states who are on their own…

Proof that the Feds are not releasing stockpiled supplies to the states as needed?

New York demanding all 30k of an items doesn’t count when they STILL have several thousand not being used and has 4k more on the way.

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Kushner said it yesterday.

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Fed stockpiles are for the federal government… not the states.

Or something

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Jared Kushner scolded the states for asking for supplies for from the stockpile, and indicated it wasn’t “theirs” to be asking for supplies from.

And numerous governors, both R and D, have talked about having to scrounge for and bid against other states for supplies they need, bidding up the price for these supplies.

This is quite well documented.

This is what happens when the states are left to fend for themselves.

It was easily predictable.

The whole making the States bid against each other for scant supplies against the federal government is working out well.

If only there was some law in place that could allow for national coordination in a national crisis, along with controls in place to avoid these very bidding war situations.


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Yeah. A national coordination effort to overcome a national emergency.

That would be something

That’s not proof.

Try again.

I literally watched him say it on national TV two feet from Trump yesterday.

We could even call it the Defense a Production Act or something, since this is a war.

But of course people might make the mistake of thinking that means the government nationalizes our businesses and that’s a Commie thing to do.

I wonder where so many people got the idea that’s what the DPA does…hmm…

They changed the government website to reflect that new reality so Kushner wouldn’t be wrong.

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Well so far I have seen it used to send mean tweet threats to companies that might be underperforming in the eyes of the President

I saw that…would be hysterical if it didn’t mean lives were being put at risk.

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Dude he said it on National TV.

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If a Democrat Administration was performing this poorly and amateurishly I would be embarrassed that I ever voted for them.

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Until this administration I was truly unable to appreciate how easily people fall for doublethink.