Oh brother: Eric Swalwell leaves, Tom Steyer enters into race

You do know that in the end, there be be only 1 democratic nominee, right?

Race, gender, religion, sexual orientation. All of the above and more.

Isn’t he the dimocrat psychopath who admits to wanting to use nukes to get rid of trump??

At least he’s honest.

That’s refreshing for dimocrats.

This is what you get when soros can’t run.

Good candidate.

No. RACE! and gender.

Normally I say both have the same quality, but you lose because nobody is lower than Trump. By far.

Joe Biden: Hold my white wine and watch this!

Yes, but in the mean time, you do know that the Liberal Socialist Democrat(LSD)Politicians will only go further and further to the left, towards Socialism, and it will only help Trump right?

I disagree. Biden is sane.

:rofl: ok, if you say so.

I do…

Shoot the shotgun off the balcony is not sane.

Thats EXACTLY what I thought about the R’s in 2016.


Billionaires cant afford tax increases. They need $100million to spend on running for POTUS

Stupidity and sanity are two different things. Biden is a politician, thus…

Trump is ■■■■■■■ crazy.

:rofl: ok, I can live with that.

See the discussion in the first debate re: health care. There was quite a bit of disagreement on the details for approaching universal health care.

For approaching group think.

Steyer wants to nuke Trump ?

Advocating for universal health care is groupthink?