Oh brother: Eric Swalwell leaves, Tom Steyer enters into race

Let the insanity continue. I hate to sound rude, but this is ridiculous. Just as Eric “Time to change the diaper” Swalwell exists the race, another candidate joins the race. Who is this “another candidate”? His name is Tom Steyer, the guy who put out ads on Fox News, demanding congress impeach President Trump.

I am no Democrat, but my Democratic friends agree with me on this: Stop running for President. I have no idea what Steyer brings to the race.

Trading one guy who won’t be president for another guy that won’t be president.

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Is he running as a Democrat?

Yes. Steyer is running as a Democrat.

The more the Merrier!

Just another way to divide the Democrat Party for the Presidential election in 2020!!!

Gotta keep the shelves fully stocked with Fruit Loops.

Agree Calvin. This is stupid.

Strange thing is there hasn’t been a big swell calling for Steyer to run. So why?

And there has been speculation that Justin Amash will run as a Liberterian.

The dimocrats love their white guys running for president.

Is this 15 now??

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Republicans making light of lack of diversity/too many white guys? Excellent satire.

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The GOP is the party of old white guys. It appears the DNC is too.

You’re not better.

Indeed. The GOP lacks diversity, because that is core to their being. It’s become obvious.

Take a look at party membership and elected official demographics recently?

No, just the candidates in the debates. Who is leading in the polls? The oldest, whitest guy you got.

Steyer might as well drop out today, having the record for the shortest time running for office.

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Ok. Check the demographics of the candidates in the debates. Measuring diversity based on one individual is a bit myopic.

What’s wrong with having a leftist billionaire in the race?

Out of touch with average American.

See Trump and how out of touch he is.

Worked for the GOP. We hired a NY Dem Billionaire.

Maybe the DEMs are copying us.

When you say diversity, are you basing it on more than two factors, namely RACE! and gender?

Where is your diversity of thought?