OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


Ya’ll can keep hoping.


Growing up, the inner ring of Cook County and the adjoining suburbs always voted Dem, but downstate wiped them out.

As Chicagoland grew it turned the tide and threw the Illinois kleptocracy over to full Dem control.


Chicago is such a wonderful city. It is difficult to go there and not have a good time.


Why do you think that voters will gain apathy over the next three months?


The voter intensity gap won’t be quite as wide in November.

Think on it.


I am kinda slow in the morning.

Spell it out.


You can only maintain emotional highs for so long. Republicans are just warming up.

As democrats run more and more on impeaching Trump if they get control of congress it is going to make everyone else that much more motivated to stop them.


The narrative that there is a broad Impeach Trump platform that they are running on is kind of a fantasy.

A lot of them may be running on a policy of putting a check on Trump… but they are running on quite a few other policies as well.


Then why is it we keep hearing from the dem candidates for congress that if they take over the congress Trump will be impeached?


Because those are the ones the CEC focuses on.


Once again a false assumption on your part.

Personally I hope all of the run on it and run hard.


Yeah. You should listen to what they are saying outside of the CEC filter.


It’s not a false assumption.

CEC focuses on what they feel are a few “radical” candidates and attempt to paint this as “mainstream Democrat” so that the base will be motivated to come out and vote in the “most important election in our lifetime” (yes, I heard Sean use that phrase again on Monday).

Fear is an effective motivator to get the base out.


It is a false assumption to assume I’m a large consumer of news from what you consider to be the CEC.


Same false assumption. When I see the words coming from their mouths I’m pretty sure of the source.


And a lot of Dems are getting wise to the fact that it doesn’t matter what positions they actually take, they will still get ads saying that they are open borders MS-13 lovers.

Quite a few of them are wising up to the fact that the GOP has been able to run the narrative on them for quite a while.


Where did I say those words weren’t coming from the candidates’ mouths?


So the “CEC” is representing them honestly? Your implication was that if that’s where we’re hearing it they weren’t.


If you think “Impeach Trump” is a huge message of Democrats running for House races all across the country, then yes, I question which news sources you’re listening to.

I’m not saying it’s not A message that some of them are using…just not THE message.

And trust me…I’m not speaking as one who think the Dems are necessarily using the best messaging.


It’s coming from Fox and Rush. They’re masters of this type thing.