OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


Dems are going to steal that seat by finding votes from no where as usual… With help from Kasich and the neocons…


Do rhetorical questions work when one side is living in an alternate reality?


Dang it! Now republicans are stealing our tricks to use on each other…

Kris Kobach’s lead in Kansas GOP governor’s race cut to 91 votes after county clerk discovers discrepancy


Not really when every answer is “You are just regurgitating LW talking points”
Oh the irony of that statement.


Why would he do that to the candidate he endorsed?


I forget about that simple, obvious, pathetic fact.


Make up your minds libs. :joy::joy::joy:



We can have a difference of opinion.


Plasma’s remark was about abolishing ICE, not universal health care.


I’m talking about ice Joanne


Sorry we are diverse and mature enough to have non lockstep positions. I know it’s hard to grasp such a thing as a Republican :wink:


I know it’s hard to resist engaging. He tosses bombs and then changes the subject. Snake eatin it’s tail, man.


Because Republican’s all agree.



Hey but I made a winky face and everything.


OK, well that’s not mainstream with Democrats yet… but just give it a bit of time.


You really want to go there - with all the Departments the Republicans wants to abolish?


If you dont understand trumpism by now…


She’s actually right. Any Democrat that comes out and says they want to abolish ICE is brain-dead stupid.

I do get your point about how Trump is dismantling rules and regulations for companies and corporations and the environment and stuff like that. Ironically Republican states and districts will suffer the consequences of those decisions. Like the coal ash thing that the town in Alabama has been fighting since Trump took over. Or potentially more asbestos in manufacturing, demolition, etc.


I never said abolishing ICE was a good idea. I just am pointing out that Republicans continually talk about abolishing federal departments and whole divisions within those departments. Not to mention constantly talking about completely eliminating the Dept. Of Education.

Here is a good list of what they are doing.


Key word … “says”.

They all want it abolished. But being honest about it is bad for votes. Better that they pretend to be good Americans during the campaign and THEN after elected, open up that trojan horse. Right?