OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


Because there is nothing about single payer health insurance a moderate Democrat would be against.

It’s only in the warped minds of Republicans and Conservatives that single payer health insurance is considered far leftwing policy.


Warped minds. Lol I guess you think abolish iCE is a mainstream position too


Yes, warped minds. You’ve been brainwashed.

And your attempt at deflection is noted.


Sorta like Trump. Mexico is still going to pay for the wall.



dont mistake the energized base as trumps doing. Thats well within historical norms. Happens in every presidential mid year.
But you are seeing a split slowly happen in the GOP. The Koch brother splitting off could prove to be an issue down the road if they split tickets.


Universal healthcare is a moderate Democrat position.


Its not even mainstream within the democrats…It is a good scare tactic though


I havent paid too closely to the abolish ICE crowd. Have any of them proposed any serious alternatives?

Not that I know much about ICE, but reforms could be needed?


that i dont know, but it makes for a good bumper sticker for the right. They shold have come out and said " we want to reform ice". That way you dodge that bullet of looking weak on immigration.


And we’ve apparently pulled off a pretty big miracle in the process. We have become so conservative, in fact, that we are now considered “libs.” :rofl::rofl:


Interestingly enough, on the healthcare question I recall a 60 Minutes interview with Trump while he was still President Elect where he was saying he was going to cover everyone and the government was going to pick up the tab for those who couldn’t afford it. While it may not be totally single payer, it would seem to me that the Trump plan would have been another step in that direction.

Of course, he was also going to institute it on day 1. We see how far that one went…


Yeah, it has been pretty fantastic. Turns out that the best thing for Democrats has been to watch Republicans try to govern while controlling every branch of federal government and the majority of governorships.


It’s remarkable how many true conservatives have gotten caught in the Lib Fishing Net just because they realize that Trump has been a bigly ungood president.


But it’s socialism, like our schools, our libraries, our infrastructure, and our military.

We can’t let socialism infiltrate our nation.


Are you saying I’m not going to get my farming bailout?


And no public schools, road maintenance, or a military to protect us. And don’t worry about your overdue books. We turned the library into Elmer’s House of BBQ. Bring napkins. They cost extra.


What I know is the people that live in my state are on the precipice of voting for a guy Kobach, who wants to go right back to the policies of Brownnose, I mean they can’t really be that stupid can they?


Oh yes they can


That was rhetorical :smiley:


I felt it needed to be said lol.