OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


I don’t know. It really is looking more and more like there could be a blue tsunami coming. A lot of the candidates are dumpster fires. Then I came across this as one example of how bad things could end up being.



Apparently O’Connor brought up issues like SS, healthcare, Medicare, middle and lower class not getting the tax breaks Trump’s tax cuts supposedly were to provide.

Balderson started on the tax cuts early in his TV ads, but soon switched to “O’Connor sides with Nancy Pelosi”.

But, you know, the CEC knows best, so they toss out the red meat “Impeach Trump is the only thing Democrats will run on.” And the zombies absorb it up and spit it back out.


Watch out, our resident stats guru will be here talking about “LW talking points” and that this chart is a mis-representation of the underlying stats.


Yeah, I will say for the Democrats that if they fall back to “not Trump” that’s not going to work. They will need to have a message, and clearly contrast how their policies will be different from what the GOP is currently doing (having control of all branches no less).

Unfortunately, when Democrats run, suddenly deficits matter again so they’ll also have to struggle with that even as the GOP spends like drunken sailors.


Only if he can take a break from his “very well-compensated and super-duper important job”.


Its gonna be an interesting few months. I’d be curious if some Republicans will begin to distance themselves from Trump or jump both feet in and want Trump to campaign for them.

And I cannot wait for Trump and his slogan machine to start nicknaming the opponents “Lazy Joe”, “Dumpy Jim”, “Cross-eyed Jane”.


I agree. Democrats have got to stick to specific messages that matter to voters. Resting their laurels on “Trump is toxic” or “Look at the Trump cronies who are going to jail” isn’t going to matter to voters.


Off topic, but I’ll never forget the time on the old site that one of our resident stats gurus proved his point that cops fire an average of—and here I forget the exact number . . . six rounds? eight?—when firing their weapon by providing a YouTube link to a single incident.

Currently, he is methodically disproving man’s role in global warming with a graph.


They are. It’s only those who are getting their info from right wing sources who believe that is what D’s are campaigning on.


Currently RCP has the Democrats with 199 Likely/lean seats for the 2018 race. And the Republicans at 196. First time Democrats have had more. There are 40 tossups. The Democrats could win less than half of those(19) and take the House. And those are just the tossups.


My guess is most will go all in with Trump.

The guy who apparently won the GOP race for Kansas governor is a nut too.

After last night’s results I’m now expecting a bloodbath, not just Congress but state elections.


I heard a snippet about the loony that Trump endorsed for Kansas governor. Apparently sane Republicans did their best to distance themselves and tried to put out the message that putting this loonytoon as the Republican candidate in the general election will be a disaster.

I’m sure Trump is Twitterpatting himself on the back.


Next week is Wisconsin primary election. The 2 Rs competing to face Tammy Baldwin for US Senate are running ads as total trump Republicans.


By which you mean they are openly touting their criminal connections and lack of intellectual curiosity?

Did they also admit to molesting teenage girls and raping women?

You know, the stuff that Trump has done.


Yes apparently Trump had been warned to either stay out of it or endorse the other guy. He ignored that advice obviously so Ds will probably win in November.

He’s taking credit now but will accept no blame if and when another very red state flips.


Sp I guess that is what most are doing. Rolling the dice to get Trumpeters to vote for them.

John james of Michigan, who otherwise seems to be a solid candidate, has done the same.

I expected this to happen in red states but not elsewhere.


I was surprised too. Maybe because it’s a primary.


It’s really going to be bad on the state level for R’s.

All those gains they made in the last 8-10 years are going to get wiped out.


He never tells the truth…ALWAYS passes his opinion off as fact.