Official republican convention thread

This convention should be hilarious. Shame i don’t have the time to see it.

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Since you can’t laugh you can cry alone

The artist formerly known as the “celebrity apprentice”

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Trump’s speech was a fact checkers’ dream.
The one that I liked the most is that Obama didn’t get any federal judges confirmed because he thought that Hillary was going to win.

How about you start a thread about it and try to stay on topic?

This is the Official GOP thread, after all.


Will do. Thanks.

So since I still am a member of the GOP, can I make the thread title? If that is what qualifies as being able to make an official GOP republican convention thread…I would be happy to do it? Is that OK?

Are you voting for President Trump?

What does that have to do with anything?

Everything. Why are you interrupting?

I can reply to whatever post I want to and no one is forcing you to read or respond to my posts.

“Everything”? How vague. Didn’t realize being a Republican meant you HAD to vote for a certain candidate.

You know that I am likely not…but I voted republican in every election since I have been voting. I will likely continue that track. Unless Republicans completely loose me. But what does it matter who I vote for with my presidential vote. I have not changed parties. Just like I didn’t become a libertarian in 2016 with my vote for Gary Johnson.

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I think the Conways are finding that being on opposite sides of the fence make for a rough marriage and difficult parenting. I wish them all the luck in the world on getting their personal issues back on track. An emancipation request is tough thing to go through.

He isn’t the secret sauce to the project, I think Ric Wilson is. That guy throws daggers better than anyone.

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Yeah he has been somewhat critical but not to the “Lincoln Project” level of criticism. I am a little surprised at this.

I do enjoy Wilson’s complete amorality. Lack of scruples and still being appalled by Donald Trump is a combination I can relate to.

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And the actual speeches haven’t each started yet. This four days are gonna be hysterical.

Looks like Richard Spencer won’t be there. :rofl:

That would be like getting your news from Baghdad Bob, no?