Official Cohen testimony Thread...Proxy watch for those of us who don't have the ability to actually watch. Keep us posted

I have a hugely busy day with meetings stacked back to back to back. I would love it if anyone is actually watching to keep us all up to date with play by play of what is going on and what is being said. Please feel free to give your take on what has happened. I will be able to check in periodically on my phone through out the day.

Thanks everyone.


This ■■■■ is straight up bonkers.

Gym Watcher Jordan threw a hissy fit, whined about the Clintons, peddled Conspiracy theories and was in genera an utter embarrassment.

Not that we can expect much more from a Pedo Enabler.


I still don’t understand why Jordan wasn’t fired or fined or arrested when he was a coach. He’s a MANDATORY REPORTER and he did nothing. Any other mandatory reporter would have some serious consequences for failure to report.

Not reporting sex crimes is the new Hastert rule.

Trump threatening his high school is jokes.

Two tiered justice system…

Reps are above the law… thats why they need to be voted out of office…

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Surprise … Donald Trump calling his campaign an infomercial for his brand. That’s been so obvious.


We have heard for awhile that he didn’t believe he could actually win and was looking to use his run to push a new media empire or something. There were claims of how ill he looked on election night when it became clear he was now President elect.


His opening statement sounded like a transcript right out of talk radio.

Sam Bee just tweeted, “Watching this from Vietnam is Trump’s Vietnam.”


Only if he is simultaneously avoiding STDs while watching…

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Jim Jordan protecting Trump, but I’m not sure if he’s helping.

I love how he was like “you and everyone is just bitter because they got fired or didn’t get what they want”.

What a pathetic tool.

Mark Green is basically just giving a speech with his time.

Is this committee member going to start asking the Chairman question?

It’s a little late, Cohen already has apologized for lying previously, and Cummings warned him about lying today.

BTW, Cohen comes off as very credible today, IMO.


They can’t really ask any relevant questions because the testimony and documents contradict the narrative they are trying to create about this witness.

Can’t watch, but read his opening speech…so he brought documents this time…good for him.

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Yes, I though he was very credible the way he handled himself.