OCASIO-CORTEZ: ‘No Question’ President Trump is a ‘Racist’ | Sean Hannity

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed President Trump during a recent interview with ’60 minutes’ over the weekend; saying there’s “no question” the Commander-in-Chief is a “racist.”

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It is amazing to me, how many people are willing to throw around words like racist and racism without even knowing what they mean. I tend to automatically tune-out someone when they start spouting those claims because I know from experience that they have nothing intelligent to offer.

Yet she did NOT condemn attacks on Steve Scalise; she did NOT condemn the fascist mob antifa who started the mess in Charlottesville.

I’d have to say SHE IS RACIST and DIVISIVE.

You said exactly what I was thinking. Ocasio-Cortese is a very divisive person who does nothing but slam the President and our way of life in the United States. She should never have made it to the Congress of the United States. She should leave the U.S. and go live in Venezuela since she practices that country’s way of life - Socialism. We don’t want Socialism in the United States and she should get that through her stupid head. The woman is illiterate to the laws and Constitution of the United States. She’s an embarrassment to have in Congress.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… you need to take a long look at those hateful eyes of yours in the mirror… you are a piece of work aren’t you?

She looked in the mirror and yes she is hateful and full has contempt

Ocasio-Cortez is stupid little socialist who probably doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “Racist”. She is the one who has very “Racist” views because she hates President Trump and true American Citizens. She should be forced out of Congress.