Ocasio-Cortez: 'Frustrating' that lawmakers oppose Medicare

Its like you didnt even read what she said…you missed the barn by about 500 feet

This young lady is going to be a pain in the ass to a lot of DC dinosaurs.

She’s going to get eaten alive just like the the Tea Party reps.

That’s how you do populism

It appears to me that she’s gonna make the fake “fiscal conservatives” look like the fakes they are.

We need this.

Oh, the Dems are going to beat her down alright.

Oh, her Dem comrrads will beat her down all right. They enjoy the status quo (on both sides of the aisle)and don’t appreciate neophyte bomb throwers.

Well a few things…

  1. dems support Medicare for all…
  2. healthcare was a major reason dems took back the house.

So…why would they beat her up over this? Their healthcare has been a major sticking point for both sides…

She may make a lot of folks in DC look like fakes; Reps and Dems alike.

I like where this is going. I am reassessing my first impression of her.




If you say so.


It’s a shame so many states didn’t expand MC under O-care - would have really helped.

Pretty elegant solution really. I was a proponent of the Public Option, but MC for all achieves the same thing with existing bureaucracy. So, makes sense to me.

Do they get those plans for life?

No, what is scary is how many Leftist think her idiotic far Left wing ideas could work. They’ve truly become the people that the anticommunists of old were fighting to prevent. And, being highly efficient in their knavery, the people the antifascists (at least those who weren’t communists) were trying to prevent too.

Cool story

and you arent factoring in what we pay for healthcare already with private

So being a good little socialist, I assume she’s giong to turn down the healthcare?

You know, to connect with the litte people.

Since people like her don’t even have to try hide in the tall grass of the Left anymore, to lie about who they are, and since the most extreme Left Wingers are now no longer extreme anymore, maybe the reason folks see so many “extreme right wingers” is not because we have changed but because they have?

How much farther Left can the DNC possibly drift?

Congresspeople pay less for their health insurance because their employer (government) subsidizes (i.e. pays a substantial part of) their premium. So yes, they have healthcare paid for by their employer. How is that not exactly what I said?
So her argument is if Congresspeople get their employer to pay for part of their healthcare premium as part of their salary, then why can’t the government also subsidize the health care premiums of people who do not work for the government?
Sorry, lame argument.
That’s like if Congresspeople get paid a salary for working for the government, why can’t the government pay me a salary too?

Its VERY simple. Shes asking why the people who represent us, and make decisions about our health care system, get to have a better plan. The government already subsidizes premiums for people that dont work for them.