Ocasio-Cortez: 'Frustrating' that lawmakers oppose Medicare

Basically it’s exactly what you think. They get a cheap medical plans while poor people get ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ plans.

congress should have the same health care options as everyone else


Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has become my new female super heroine!

She is the biggest bone in the craw of the Trumplican Right Wing I have seen.

She lives in so many of their heads rent free.

She scares them, she really does scare them!

That sounds down right leftist in nature.

You know what…I agree with her.

But she isn’t telling us anything new thou.

But let’s see how she pushes for policies…

She’s right, hopefully she can get something going.

I agree with you here, there is no reason at all someone who serves two years in Congress gets to walk out after and not have to deal with the healthcare costs the rest of us do.

What makes matters worse is they set it up that way so they will be taken care of while the rest of us pay out the butt for insurance and out of pocket costs. Nothing screams elite more than that.

It won’t come from a member of congress this has to start at the very top - president. The best chance we had for this was before Obamacare was signed into law.

I am a republican but I am leaning towards a British style healthcare system, because the costs are just ridiculous now.

Not trying to make this political but my mom was paying around $150 a month (Small business Owner) before Obamacare now she’s paying close to $1000. And she has not had any major procedures or problems that would have made it go up like that. I luckily get mine from the company I work for, but they take a lot more from my check than they used to towards healthcare.

They either need to strip things back/ less government or go full national healthcare. This hybrid system is breaking people. When only half of the country visit the Dr because of the price something has to be done and a bandaid fix isn’t going to cut it. And this has to come from bipartisanship or will never see it.

How much was she paying during Obamacare?

Quite an imagination you have.

She’s going to get beat down, but not by Republicans.

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Keep whistling past that graveyard. :hugs:

Frankly I have nothing to lose if she should get some, as of now, totally imaginary beat down at some point.

She is nothing to or for me but a source of enjoyment.


I think what is hurting her is being in Arizona and even though she hasn’t had any procedures she is 63 years old to young for Medicare but at the top of the range for costs.

She had said before the ACA she was paying $160 now I have no clue how good of coverage it was but it has a max out of pocket of 10,000. I think her copay was 60/40. She was going to try and ride that out till Medicare kicked in.

She had recently said her new quote on open enrollment was a tad under $1000. :(…

There is no amount of tax that a single payer wouldn’t be cheaper for her.

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Is dental covered too? I need a root canal.

She needs to watch the Dr. Ford reruns and practice a better little girl voice. I now know she’d be much more effective selling her meme…to some…

one of these things is not like the others.


The harder you try, the funnier it is.

Congressional healthcare plans are part of the wages for being a Congressperson, just as other healthcare plans that are provided to employees.
She is against employers providing healthcare as part of the remuneration of the job?

Ya totally that’s like exactly what shes saying uh huh

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Blind hog. Acorn.

I’m looking forward to her refusing the new one.