Ocasio-Cortez Blast Republican using their own words


Not any more than beef jerky can be considered candy. At least at my local 7/11 the beef jerky and the cornnuts are on a separate aisle from the candy.


No one voted to impeach Clinton simply for lying about sex.
He was impeached for Perjury- lying under oath.


you mean a process crime?


Perjury trap!


Doesn’t it get boring posting this every time you have nothing else to contribute to a thread?


It is pretty amusing right?

They are freaking out about perjury traps and process crimes- neatly forgetting that they literally impeached Bill Clinton over lying about sex. Amusing…


But the sacred oath!


No he’s not. Saying that a person can be condemned without a crime proven is not the same as saying that everyone who has not been proven to have committed a crime should be impeached.


It addressed the post I responded to.


How did Trump cheated?


Trump cheated.


You got a problem with that?


I thought you guys had him at 15 other times by now. What’s he still doing, being your president??



(verified real-world facts please)


Doing a terrible job.


She thinks Venezuela works…


I’ve never heard that gag gifts “keep on giving.” Is this a recent development?


That’s not what that word means.


Most likely.


I was offered Cornish game hen but I politely declined because I thought they said Cornish gay men.