Ocasio-Cortez Blast Republican using their own words

I stand correctly. We play for the same team, it seems.

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Republicans are fine with endless investigations as long as it’s against Democrats. Ken Starr was a hero to the right.

Pink Floyd is always comfortably numb. They don’t have sides, just walls, but not the walls Trump talks about. Although Trump is numb from the neck up.


Why can’t they just perform in a treehouse and get it over with?

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Oh yeah this genius really dropped the mic alright… on her foot! :roll_eyes: Clinton was impeached for perjury, not sex!! Cortez is like a “gag gift” that just keeps on giving! :rofl:

Yuck it up, but Trump’s Time is coming.

I’m glad you stand correctly. I have a slight lean in me when I stand. But there is no “I” in team. So high five teammate. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

He’s still your president.


There might not be any I in team, but there’s “Eat meat” in Teammate. For what it’s worth.


Who broke the law and cheated to get there. He will face the music soon enough for his crimes.

Mmmmm…I love meat. Especially fake meat. Like tofu dressed up to pretend it’s meat. I wonder if I can eat tofu in a treehouse?

You can make tofu taste like meat, but it’s not meat. I enjoy tofu on occasion, but I don’t trust a person who doesn’t eat meat. You do eat meat, right?

Do Cornish Hens count? I often times will find myself with a mess of Cornish Hens on my plate. And if the tofu doesn’t fill me up, then I may move on to the little bird.

I think Cornish Hens are meat. I’ve never had them. Corn isn’t a meat, but hens are.

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Well they seem to have bones in them which leads me to think it’s meat. But then again the stalk inside a cob of corn is also hard like bone. Maybe I’ve been eating corn on the cob after my tofu this whole time thinking it was a mess of Cornish Hens. Uh oh

Absolutely. It hasn’t become public yet is all.

Never said he wasn’t. Never wrote “Not my President!” or “pResident”.

I may not like the person holding office, nor their policies, nor their manners, nor anything else, but the results of the electoral college gave Trump the Presidency.

there is no darkside…

its all dark…

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but are cornnuts considered candy?

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