Ocasio-Cortez Blast Republican using their own words

What hypocrisy?
"During 1999 impeachment proceedings for former President Bill Clinton, Graham said, “You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic. If this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role.”

That is a true statement.

She doesn’t have to be smart to be right.

True. It also doesn’t hurt that she is also right.

She’s stupid, and wrong all the time, in two languages.

Bilingual idiots are still idiots.

Whatever you need to tell yourself.

Full blown bimbo!

Actually if you go look at the history and context of whitewater…that and trump kind of play out the same way…the Clinton’s attacked the FBI as well…actually you can go back to Nixon as well and the playbook tends to be the same…

But kudos to you playing the parse game… I mean clearly you needed to make the argument about something else besides Graham looking like an idiot…I’m sure somewhere with out an auto refresh that argument worked on someone

It’s a shame that all our congresspeople aren’t required to do their job naked.

I bet we’d elect different people if that were the case.

Maybe this would be a good idea for how to clean the swamp.

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If Ocasio-Cortez thinks there is some contradiction between what Graham said in 1999 (which was true and is still true and he hasn’t denied that it is still true) and what Graham said in 2018, where is the contradiction?

Just for that I’m gonna mention Dennis Hastert…now that’s in your brain

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Umm one obvious question- did Trump cheat after he was elected president and in office like Clinton did?

Republican moral differences I see.

Not defending what either did, but if he performed the act in office then lied about it, that’s different than something committed ex post facto, is it not?

She is smarter than anyone who still supports President Trump. So relatively speaking.


Many compare this to Miss Okasio-Cortez and Donald Trump. When everyone said that they have no chance, they are political newcomers who won the election. They are known as being outside the box. They are all very sexy people. However, between them there is a huge difference. Donald Trump is very smart, Okasio-Cortes is stupid. She is woman. No one takes her seriously. If you are not a man, you can not be attractive and smart. Sorry, but the way it is. That’s why Donald Trump was elected president. Until today, when I found out who she was, nobody knew who Okazio-Cortez was. Data.


Senator Graham was discussing the morality of a man holding office, and that lack of morality alone is enough to impeach. Donald Trump, shockingly, is even more immoral than Bill Clinton. And Senator Graham has now changed his tune. He is a hypocrite. And the young freshman Congresswoman astutely called him out for it.


Well he cheated to get into office. Does that count? Or does cheating to win an election suddenly afford one protection from their crimes since it worked?

Cheating to get into office is just how the game is played now. You’re just mad that your side didn’t think of doing it first.

So it seems. However, what side do you think I’m on?

Hint: The Darkside. :wink:

You are defending Trump by bringing up the “before he was President” argument.

Clinton lied, got caught. Was impeached. Trump paid hush money to cover it up and was caught. He might get impeached.

Only difference is that Trump’s hush money is attempting to sway an election. Worse offense.

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