Obstruction of Justice - What Does It Take?

So the question is: What does a President, any President, have to have in order to obstruct justice? How does it happen?

Obviously shredding, burning or otherwise destroying evidence with his or her own hands would qualify, I would think.

Personally running a bleachbit-type program would qualify?

What else?

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Asking someone to break a law is obstruction.

A Senate willing to convict, of course. :roll_eyes:

Or trying to keep someone from testifying against you.

Dangiling a pardon

Cite your sources please.

Seen anything Donald’s done that would qualify?

Feel free to help them prove their claims.

I’m interested in your perspective, not “theirs.” Seen anything resembling obstruction of justice from the man currently tweeting from the Oval Office?

I haven’t seen anything that proves any of those claims are obstruction of justice.

What claims are you referencing?

Read the thread.

Has Trump encourage anyone to file a false affidavit?
Has Trump filed a false statement?
Did Trump tamper with any witness?

You libs got nothing…


Where’s your ball and checkerboard?

Mueller had nothing.


Credit where it’s due, conan…you were the first to openly declare your support for Donald was based in wanting revenge on people you wanted to see suffer. Some of these Johnny-come-latelys played coy for the first year and a half.


Yes to all counts. .good luck

In the US Code.

Do you have anything to contribute to the topic or are you just here to deflect?

Not at all. Your original question was “what does it take for something to be obstruction of justice?” Your commentary is obviously slanted to reflect all the actions you feel Clinton (and perhaps Obama) engaged in that qualified her for that status. I was merely curious whether you felt the question could be equally turned onto Donald.

You brought up the games, I merely replied in kind. :wink:

I didn’t bring up games in this thread, so there’s that. Did I hit bone? Sorry I hurt you.

Clinton? Not Nixon? Not North?

Do you really believe Hildawg used her own gnarled claws to run bleachbit? :rofl:

“Not at all”? You have nothing at all to contribute to this topic?