Obstruction of justice? I don't think so

  1. If the President fired Comey to shoot down the Russia investigation, it did not work. It didn’t even slow it down. Allegedly the investigation is still active. They just can’t produce any evidence. And they have had more than enough time to do so.

  2. The President is allowed to fire the director for any reason or no reason what so ever. He is not required to justify it to anybody. He owes no explanation. Entirely within his right as President.

  3. For what crime? If justice is being obstructed, doesn’t there need to be at least the accusation of a crime? If not, then what is being obstructed?

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Such a deluded op. “No evidence”. You people just make it up as you go along. So deplorable.

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What evidence connects Trump to Russian election tampering? Hell, he wasn’t even in office when it happened. How are they saying he helped Vlad?

And. my second point is rock solid. There is no getting around that. The President does not need a reason to fire the director of the FBI. None what so ever is required.

For one, he drafted the letter on af1 lying about a meeting to collude. But there’s nothing we can do to open trumper eyes.

On your “rock solid”, the pres is able to do things sure, but not without consequences. I don’t think you trumpers believe in consequences any more though.

That changes nothing. Comey served at the pleasure of the President. It is totally within the President’s right to fire him. There is no way to get around this fact.

I didnt disagree with that

Roger Stone who was a close associate of the campaign was in contact with Russian Intellogence via Guccifer 2.0.

Start there.

Now… an enourmous bloodbath would be if Cohen can be placed in Prague when the Steele dossier says he was there. That would be an enourmous cup of shut the ■■■■ up to the CEC.

I bet that comes to pass.

You’re reliving the past. Time to move on.

Dems had to be retrained by TV to like Comey… No problem… The new brainwashing took about 4 seconds…

In fact, whether dems take the house or not, he should just fire Mueller after the election. Just to tee the left and media off. That would be fun!

I see. You were judging the character of Trump voters.

Totally agree. Fire him because he’s a slowpoke who is milking this for all it’s worth. It would be fun to watch the wheels fly off at CNN.

What makes you believe that the act of terminating Comey is the only possible thing that could constitute obstruction committed by Trump? :thinking:

It’s not like Trump could get worse media coverage…lol!

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So investigators got 4 years to investigate a shady Bill Clinton real estate scandal, but only uncovered some nooky in the White House with an intern…but Mueller is taking too long. Right.


I’m pretty sure one can obstruct justice by trying to interfere with an investigation, regardless of what that investigation eventually turns up.

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Did Comey interfere with the Hillary investigation when he ended it? Of course not. It was within his authority to end it.
And Trump had the authority to end any investigation he wanted to (though of course he didn’t…he just got rid of Comey).
If a prior administration sets up a bogus investigation to bring down the replacing administration, then that new administration should not allow itself to be held captive. That is the lesson of “Russiagate”.

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Most trump voters never had any character , especially those who continue to support the lying criminal.

Even if they got rid of Trump the people who elected him are not gong anywhere…

You can’t go home…