Obstruction of Congress is the President's Job Description, NOT a Crime

It’s one of 3 branches of government, it’s a check on the congress to prevent it from having too much power, as the congress can also do.

It’s NOT a crime, it’s sometimes a duty. Of course, it’s a crime for a republican President, but NEVER a democrat President.

In fact, a democrat can commit almost any crime & not be held accountable, you know, like Hillary, Bill, Obama, the Biden’s, & many others.


That was the whole point of Turley when testifying that Trump has the right, to take this dispute to the Judicial Branch to settle this. This impeachment IS…as he testified…an abuse of power…PERIOD!

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That puts the judicial branch on top.

Dead even. This is their area and Congress did not give Trump the time for it to go to the Judicial Branch. It’s part of the checks and balance system. It’s what makes it all equal.

No. And Turley was talking about the subpoenas, not impeachment.

Impeachment is the sole province of the House.

What crime did Hillary commit? What crime did Joe Biden commit? Hunter Biden?

It’s not “equal” nor was it every intended to be. It is separation of powers, not equality of powers.

“obstruction” of Congress is one of the charges and that is an abuse of power

Trump has been in office for 3 years… yet he hasn’t locked anyone up. LOL!

Sounds like he duped his supporters.

But you’re totally okay with a President having free reign to do whatever he wants with no oversight or accountability until the elections?

That is for the Senate to decide.

I’ll take “Bad Legal Takes” for $1000 Alex.


I’d more chalk it up to his learning curve. Trump came out of business but those skills weren’t as helpful in the political arena. Now he’s got 3 hard years of experience and he’s getting better and better at dealing with the establishment. His best move thus far…was appointing Barr as AG. Now…that ball you’re referring to…is rolling.

Point to it in the Constitution.

He is being held responsible.

This I agree with.


Indeed. Some have this, others have that. There are lanes.

And yet, now that he suddenly has all this experience… no one is locked up! LOL!

Poor little Trump has no experience with politics… after all, he never ran a political campaign before (he has) and never switched political parties before (he did) or contributed money to politicians ( he has). He is like a sweet, innocent child.

But whatever you need to tell yourself to make you happy, I guess.


He’ll have more flexibility after the elections.

New talking point?

Of course its an abuse of power by Nancy and her majority HOR to run roughshod over the Executive branch and also obstruction of Congress doing the same to the Senate. You can’t make this stuff up but you certainly can make really good GOP campaign ads.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: