Objective Journalism from CNN? Really?

I just watched it up to about the 1:30 mark but damn, calling a sitting senator a “ring leader” of a “coup attempt” because he objected to the election results?

Is that really the bar we want sent for this nation going forward? It sure hasn’t been the bar we held in the past.

Standard Youtube warnings apply.


The stuff they were saying yesterday made my skin crawl.

This was horrid event filled with violence and disgraceful.

The way the talking heads were discussing it made me cringe. Jones was a good example of holy crap with the histrionics.

I won’t bring up other network coverage…

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They know their audience is corrupt lib media susceptible.

The GOP has blood on it’s hands? Using that disgusting rhetoric as a standard how many times over would the dems have blood on their hands for last years most of the year riots???

Do these people ever think before they speak? :crazy_face:


The state of journalism in the US is seriously disturbing.

Their job is to report the news period not to insert their opinions substituting them for facts.


Amen to that.

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free thinkers on the internet unite


Looks like an editorial and sounds like it from the YouTube description.

If you’re getting your news from TV or from pundits, that’s your biggest problem right there.


They are absolutely biased and I fully support the bias when dealing with Trump.

He’s an enemy of the Republic and does not deserve fair treatment.

Shouldn’t be doing it with a newsroom tag on the right. My two cents :man_shrugging:

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Yeah that was harsh.

I’d call them enablers of a fantasy that helped drive certain people over the edge.


Old news…

…such shameful rhetoric.


Right, with the big bold banner “Breaking News” and her reporting it.

Seriously, how lame.

Reporting what someone else said, not making the statement themselves as reporters.

Tell me you can recognize the difference please.

:man_shrugging: Cable news is pretty lame in general.

Or the Huge, “Breaking News” banner.

Fox has used the Breaking News banner with their political commentators as well.

Yeah. The media is held to a higher standard than politicians. It’s “rhetoric” when said as commentary by a person in the media. It’s perfectly fine when said by a politician. Or at least a Republican politician.

Media member “blood on their hands” - disgusting rhetoric.
Republican politician “blood on their hands” - amen.

Or is the argument those in the media shouldn’t make commentary on news events? Oh boy that would be pretty funny.

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The job of Journalists is to “Report The News” without bias or personal commentary.