Oberlin College loses lawsuit

A jury found that Oberlin College officials had defamed a bakery by calling it “racist” for chasing a Black student, who was shoplifting, out of the bakery. The bakery was awarded $11 million and that amount may triple.
It’s about time. There are a number of posters on this board who would be unable to post without falsely throwing out accusations of racism.


How will it triple?

I cannot understand the insane amounts jurys award in these cases.

By all means receive some financial compensation but lets base it in reality.

Punitive damages could be an additional $22 million. There will be a hearing.

Ridiculous amount - then again its possible this payout is reduced on appeal.

There is no way that this business has lost $33 million.

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Oberlin should just be shut down. It is the institutional version of Jussie Smollett.


Maybe it will be.
I’ve read several articles on Oberlin. It has a history of encouraging its students to demonstrate and exaggerate with claims of racism, sexism, homophobia- the whole liberal list.
It wouldn’t take many cases like this one to financially shut them down.

:rofl: for ■■■■■ sake, people!

Shoplifting while black?

Society loses every time crap like this happens. Maybe a couple of massive punitive judgments will make people start to think twice about this kind of BS.

And as far as I’m concerned, $11million is a pittance to billion-endowed colleges.

The bakery needs to go after that Dean of Students for a few million. Also go after any student demonstrator who held up a “racist” sign. The parents will have plenty of money.

Any college that encourages its students to lie for political reasons should be bulldozed.

Who do you think pays these amounts? This is why businesses carry liability insurance. Tbe insurance company pays out or meets a hefty portion of it.

Oberlin pays when nobody will insure them. Are you sure they are covered for libel? Does it have a limit?

Their insurance won’t pay for this. I read it in another article.

I’d like to see people and companies sue every single time they’re called “racist”, “homophobe”, “sexist” or any other liberal bullcrap that can’t be proved.
If nothing else, this board would cease to exist.

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Yep. Their insurance company said they will not pay out for this. Reality is starting to suck for Oberlin.

33 million punitive

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Ouch. Maybe you shouldn’t cry racist in a knee jerk reaction or tell a business not to call the police on their little darling when they break the law.

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I read where Oberlin staged demonstrations and a boycott against a local sushi shop for “cultural appropriation”.
I don’t know how much nuttier they can get.

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