Obamacare survives

7-2 ruling says texas doesnt have standing to sue to overturn obamacare.
another GOP led attempt to kill people shot down.
Maybe its time for the GOP to concentrate on helping people instead…

Damn couldn’t even get three justices to vote for cert, let alone four. That’s wild.


doesn’t have standing?

the excuse de jour for scotus to ignore the constitution.

how the hell do states not have standing?

how was texas being harmed by obamacare if there is no penalties for not having insurance. Long standing proncipal you cant sue of you’re not harmed

thats rich

first they call a penalty a tax for the first time in history to avoid ruling, now they claim since there’s no penalty there’s no harm.

what a crock of ■■■■■


Texas doesn’t have standing on federal laws.

I thought that was understood by paxton when he got his ass handed to him by SCOTUS in the election fraud case.


maybe you should go back and try again, that was not what the case said.

Paxton still got his ass handed to him, even though 2 justices bought the crazy argument of injury.


How is it a crock?

If there’s no penalty…there’s no harm.

Show how Texas was harmed.

but it did not say tx had no standing regarding federal law. that would be stupid, of course they do.

It was indeed.

The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.

crazy argument about injury. Only two bought into that. Not even crazy Clancy bought into it.


its a crock because when there was harm, for the first time in scotus history, they changed what congress called a penalty (which would have made it unconstitutional then) into a tax.

they refuse to rule on the merits time and time again allowing unconstitutional laws to stand on technicalities and turning marbury on its head

“a law which is anathema to the constitution is void, and it is the DUTY of all federal officers to treat it as such”

they fail in their highest duty in subservience to the politics de jour

Amy Coney Barrett must be a big disappointment to you guys.



To whom?

Obviously 7 SCOTUS justices fail to see the harm it caused Texas and the other states.

It’s just another opinion cons will whine about Obamacare repeal that I am still waiting for.

Thank you John McCain wherever you are.



That type of remark is precisely why we can no longer have civil discourse in this country.

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I thought trump was gonna replace this thing.

Trump made it one of his promises to repeal Obamacare.

It’s pretty obvious that Texas tried where trump failed.

And yet another failure to repeal the hated Obamacare from the map.

Trump Got rid of the mandate, but the rest is firmly in place for a long time to come.


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Yes the stock picks are HUM, ANTM. UNH all up after the ruling. I had thought the left wanted a healthcare system like the Brits have not the healthcare insurance companies love with higher premiums and the healthcare companies racked up since 500% since ACA.