Obamacare repeal archtect loses seat. first time dems won it in 100 years

another sign of how the GOP’s healthcare repeal plan is hated by america.
in new jersey Tom Macarthur, who wrote amendment that allowed the GO to revive teh Obamacare repeal and would have allowed states to seek waivers allowing insurance companies to charge more for preexisting conditions lost his seat.

Macarthur was a trump ally who voted with trump positions 94% of the time. trump had a huge fundraiser for him at his golf club

only 1 dem has held that seat in 100 years.

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Good news!

Ouch - that’s going to leave a mark.

Odds that the first Trump supporter comment in the thread will be about the spelling of “architect” in the title?

Further proof that Trump’s endorsement meant jack squat this election cycle. And that the Democrats did run on a consistent message.

The whole Obamacare repeal and replace push was such a joke Republicans exposed themselves as the idea-less party that they are.

2 years of control and they did nothing besides a tax bill which flopped with the electorate.