Obamacare lives. Virginia to expand Medicaid

VA 33rd state to expand Medicaid to help 400,000 of its citizens afford healthcare insurance.

good for them.



damn liberals and there deep state agenda

The medicaid expansion was one of the good parts of Obamacare.

I am sure everyone will agree


If they can afford it, more power to them.

dude you know damn well they see “obamacare” and frothing at the mouth will commence

“Obamacare is finished. It’s dead. It’s gone. You shouldn’t even mention it, it’s gone. There is no such things as Obamacare anymore.”

Shhhhhh. You shouldn’t even mention it.

It’s like fight club.

Nobody talks about fight club.


I’m still waiting on this big beautiful health care plan Mr Potato Head promised us.

That will cover everything and everyone and have low premiums to boot.

I think we citizens must put that in the “Mexico will pay,for the wall”

Pandering to the ill informed.


Wait … didn’t you just talk about Fight Club?

Did anyone read the linked article?

From that “It relies on provider taxes to raise money.”

May I assume this is taxes, or financial penalties, on health care providers? It would ge interesting to see if any health care professionals leave the Commonwealth of Virginia. Or get out of formal practice. Or if Virginia gets an influx of new, wannabe residents who are uninsured, or, gasp, have to pay a penalty in more out of pocket expenses on a private plan to get the Medicaid.

As for those who “haven’t seen anything different from Donald Trump”, there are four states, per the linked article, where Medicaid waivers with a work requirement are being tried. It’s sort of redundant, as many who get Medicaid do work, but it’s something.

I wonder, too, if Virginia’s Medicaid Expansion will force physicians who don’t want to accept it to do so. Or compel more non participating providers to accept it as a means of payment. It’s supposed to be, for those who are cheering it, several sheets of paperwork for one patient, and to pay considerably less than private insurance.

Depending on what state someone qualifying for the expansion lives, they may have anything from an easy time finding someone to accept them as a new patient–Wyoming–or a more difficult time–New Jersey.

Not sure why so many cheer government programs as solutions to problems. If anything, Obamacare has made things worse in my state of residence.

It was a duplicate of Mitt Romney’s effort to help his own residents purchase insurance, and, since ACA became law, those of us who have private insurance have pretty much been penalized to help the small percentage of uninsured, when even that can vary by state, and at my PCP’s office, photo I D is actually required to be seen.

Apparently, even instances of insurance fraud have gone up thanks in part to this disaster of a law. Is anyone at least willing to admit it just might not be working?

moving low income citizens from uninsured to insured is a good thing right.

its why 33 states have voted to expand medicaid to insure more people.

an insured citizen is better than an uninsured one


“moving low income citizens from uninsured to insured is a good thing right.”

Yes and no. Governor (then Governor) Romney’s state only plan didn’t do such a bad job, and low income doesn’t necessarily mean qualifying for Medicaid low income.

It’s absolutely useless if one is insured & has a card no provider will accept. Even in Massachusetts, acceptance of our state’s Medicaid, Mass Health, isn’t a given. It depends on what part of the Commonwealth you’re looking for a provider.

IMNSHO, The problems of the uninsured should have been dealt with on a state Governor level rather than this federal disaster, which is penalizing everyone.

You may assume indeed. But surprise! Surprise! It seems some hospitals in Virginia actually believe in helping people. :slight_smile: And of course, it may benefit them as well.

Link to full article below.


A Judge has ordered Maine Gov LePage’s administration to expand Medicaid.