Obamacare here to stay?

What happened? Heard nothing but crickets for a while. Individual mandate is gone right? Is Obamacare now here to stay?

Don’t remind me.

“You shouldn’t even mention it. It’s gone. There is no such thing as Obamacare anymore.”

  • Republicans Orange Messiah

I thought Obamacare would destroy the economy

I :heart_eyes: Trumpcare!!!

Is it?

10 ch

Idk I thought I have a memory of that being included in the tax reform bill

Might want to look at the effective date.

Why are you asking questions you know the answer to lol

So you’ll learn.

You’re so kewl

Teeeeaaach meeee

Businessmen certainly do a better job than some one with Alinsky style policies.

I don’t see where race enters into it though.

Lord Businessman Trump lost $1billion in 1vyear and is on track to nearly double the deficit by the end of his 2nd year in office.

The economy is booming like it hasn’t in quite some time. Takes a businessman.

There is a long list of accomplishments that have been listed by people like WR from time to time.

The socialist alinsky style policies don’t work. Just steers one in the direction of Venezuela,

Did I mention the 9 to 10 trillion the alinsky prez added to the debt? :grinning:

The economy is just following the trend that Obama left. Funny. Obama inherited a financial crisis, 2 wars, and a $1.3 trillion deficit, left with 5% unemployment and cut the deficit by more than 50%. Lord Businessman Trump inherits a stable economy and manages to nearly double the deficit by the end of his 2nd term at FULL EMPLOYMENT. Hahahahaha and here you are defending it

Congrats on following dnc talking points which are complete BS. :rofl:

It’s a fact that Obama cut the deficit by more than half. It’s a fact that Trump inherited a stable economy. It’s a fact that Obama inherited a $1.3trillion deficit, a financial crisis and 2 wars. It’s a fact that Trump is on pace to double the deficit by the end of his 2nd term. Facts and Trumpism dont mix well I see.

There was some procedural stuff to cripple it but no, the mandate remains. GOP can’t get a bill together, divided between Freedom Caucus wackos who want to blatantly, publicly ■■■■ people over on healthcare and other Republicans who realize it’s electoral suicide to not at least seem to be doing something to help people.