Obama to give McCain eulogy. Trump not invited

Much better than he is On Script. He does a Terrible job Reading.

Strange I give Democrats high five on the way they deliver Speech’s and you pick out my comment on Trump.
You have Trump on the Brain.

Why do you need someone to give you high five for your high five? Go get a hug somewhere.

trump is terrible every time he opens his mouth to do something other than shove a Big Mac down it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the face of the modern republican party - and the reason I now proudly consider myself a FORMER republican.

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Do you watch SNL every week?

Have you paid any attention to what McCain says?

It is now admitted that McCain was the ringleader pushing the “pee Dossier.”

So yeah Trump supporters are suppose to love him along with the commie leftists.

Revolting, shameless post. Do you believe you represent the feelings of most Trumpists with this, or is it purely your own sickness?

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Memes are humor and should be taken as such.


Do Trump followers consider SNL “news” these days?

At any rate, I haven’t seen anything from McCain that comes anywhere close to the reprehensible way that Trump besmirched the service of McCain as a former POW. That was the day I decided Trump would never, under any circumstances, get my vote - and that I would actively stand opposed to Trump.

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Right. So Michelle Wolfe can’t make fun of someone’s eye, or their honesty, but we can make fun of someone’s approaching death.

I didn’t post that first meme.

Yes, Trump supporters are thoroughly sick and tired of constant leftist lies, slander and liable.

I suppose you watch SNL every weekend and laugh and drool.

I’m sure Kegler cried about Michelle Wolfe’s jokes then posted this

See, that’s just like a lib - equating this thread with somethimg as cruel and black-hearted as making fun of Sarah’s makeup.


Weren’t you on the religious forum waxing about respectful dialog. Then you come here and post this lol - I’ll mark you down as another here with no credibility

Who hurt you so terribly that you resort to this? Not even our resident trolls wemt lower than Donald himself.

You must not be paying attention then. McCain has been obstructing is the most vile ways.

I’ll take the high road here.

This is not religion. This is a leftist troll farm.

Come on - the guy is, quite literally, dealing with the fight of his life right now. He’s got a lot bigger things to worry about right now than Donald Trump.

At any rate, I’m done with this particular conversation. I may not always agree with the guys politics, but with his service and time as a POW, he deserves a lot more respect than this.

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And with his last breaths McCain’s pure hate is on the tip of his tongue. “I don’t want the President of the United States at my funeral.” And “my biggest mistake was Sarah Palin”

That’s pure hate.

A picture of our president digging a grave for a guy t who has cancer.

I’m surprised Republicans here haven’t reported that post.

Pure hypocrisy.