Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Feel free to say what you disagree with. That conservatives didn’t oppose many of those programs or that Joe benefits from those programs? Be specific.


Socialism is a fairy tale.

It looks great on paper, but doesn’t work in reality.


Except where it does.


Like Venezuela? The 3rd world country, that the Democratic Politicians
want America to become.

I’m not talking about countries in the World that have just “some” aspects
of Socialism within their Countries. I’m talking about Countries who embrace
Socialism as a whole. For all of their policies and Agenda.

Name me some countries that have thrived that have embraced Socialism
as a whole, for all of their policies, and Agenda. Not just one or to things.

Can you name some?


As soon as you name some that are ENTIRELY SOCIALIST.


In other words, you’re debating with me over something you know nothing about.
I gotcha. You’re simply spewing what your Democratic Politicians and
Fake News Media tell you to. Fair enough. At least I know where you stand now.

Sandlot: Great Bambino


I think Obama is definitely the worst president in American History in my lifetime so far,
but Theodore Roosevelt was a pretty big ***** himself.


Thanks for sharing your opinion.


Usually if one position is occupied by someone, it can’t be occupied by someone else.

I wonder how many more Democrats on here constantly Retread? I guess Sewell did.
you can tell by clicking on his or her profile.


You’re welcome! :grin:


All those reasons are why Trump is a successful in politics and why you can’t be a politician. That doesn’t make sense.


No, not necessarilly.

They don’t have to visit the state, personally. They can have a huge presence with their people on the ground, with proxies visiting for them and with their ad buys in the state, but they will not.

They will spend all their time and resources trying to please Californians, Floridians, and New Yorkers, instead.



Exactly what they do now except spending money on the big swing states.

You’re the one that brought up poor Alaska. Nobody goes there today. Your argument is nullified.



I just explained why it isn’t.

You’re under the delusion that to have an impact in a state the candidate has to go to the state. NO.

He or she can send proxies, spend money on ad buys and put up a great ground game - all EXPENSIVE things they WOULD NOT need to do if all they needed were three or four states, and all the rest of the states get squat.



From the Anchorage Daily News…

The Trump campaign comes to me and says, ‘How much money should we spend in Alaska?’ My response is, ‘Don’t spend a dime,’" Crawford said in a phone interview. “Alaska is a red state. We will deliver this election to Donald Trump.”

Yep, sounds like the state you chose as an example is getting no attention under the EC because they know it will vote republican.

It seems you are still wrong.



So, your’re saying that a reporter gave them some advice and that is proof they didn’t do anything in Alaska???

Nice try. And you’re trying to hang your hat on ONE STATE, but in fact all a campiagn would need to do is concentrate on the four or five most populous states, without the EC.

That leaves FORTY FIVE unneccesary to the campaigns - or 48 of we are doing Obama’s state count.



Are you under the impression that Trump spent a lot in Alaska? I doubt he did. And here we have a Trump campaign worker giving Trump the exact same advice we told you happens under the current EC system.

You are the one that brought up Alaska so I used what you provided. Now you don’t like it. Ok, let’s try another small state-Wyoming. Any candidates go there? No? Under the EC, why aren’t they going there?

Are you speaking about the swing states in the EC? Cause it really comes down to only a few swing states every election, right? No reason to campaign in California if the result of all electors go to one candidate.


Darn! It’s always been my dream to have a career in Politics! lol.
Yeah, I could care less.

At least we can both agree that Trump is successful in politics.


What is a lot to you?

8 Trillion dollars is a lot to me. Than again I’m a Conservative.
8Trillion is how much national debt Obama and the Democrats added under his and their reign. Almost doubling it.


Sounds bad.

Bush didn’t almost double the debt, he more than doubled the debt.

Reagan almost tripled the debt. I’ve yet to see you disparage him for that feat.